How did I do on my winter purchase?


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I'm just getting into the business and I have landed a few accounts that are residential so far. I just picked up a "used" mower from a dealer friend of mine for 2500 out the door (i mean including tax). This mower is a few years old and is a Toro Z5200 with 24hp Briggs ELS motor. It has exactly 104.6 hours on it and was the owners personal machine (before he picked up Husky). I know it not a true comercial mower however it has a fabricated deck and and is in almost new shape. I plan on using it while I build up accounts I figure it'll make me money and still be worth something as a trade or sale when I can affored a bigger comercial series. Was this a smart move or should I not take delivery? Mower has never been rained on and looks perfect. Thanks for opinions. PS new they were a little over priced perhaps at $5400


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No it was a semi commercial heavy homeowner unit that was made a few years ago I figure it'll make me money before I upgrade it's the same unit as the exmark quest prior to 2011
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I am not a huge fan of the ELS engines, after owning 1 or 2 a few years ago. The ELS engines don't use too much fuel either (which was a plus). However, I just never felt like it ran that smooth, even when it was brand new. I also didn't care for the air filtration system when I used a bagging system. For light commercial work, I don't see much of a problem with them, an ELS would just not be my first or second choice in engines.

I've never used the toro machine you are looking at, so I can't comment on how well that will work.


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Your fine. You bought something you could afford. Now go use it for a couple of seasons, beat the tar out of it, and then replace it when u can afford it. Use it good, because you probably won't get much in return for it when you try and sell it.