how did you all get here?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dlandscaping, Sep 2, 2001.

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    i was jsut wondering how everyone has become successful and happy lcos and how they make their businesses huge or to the size they want. i am only 15 but i have big dreams to become the largest landscape maintnence company in my area jsut wondering how all of you went from the neighborhood kid to the 3 crew foreman. what did you use when you were my age and what with all the choices of equipment out there what do you think is the most prodctive and what is the best piece of equipment you have owned. we all have to start somewhere
  2. kutnkru

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    When I was younger than you I used whatever machine they had in their garage. Most of them were either a Tor, Snapper, or LawnBoy.

    To get to be successful does not mean that you have to own a firm with 3 plus crews. I would almost advise you against it. I think that when people compare the net profits of a multi-million dollar company to that of a smaller outfit, the smaller one is normally far more profitable.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of education. If you are able to become educated and continue your education to render proper Horticultural practices; you will be that much more of an asset not only to yourself, but to your local economy/environment as well.

    My personal preference is hydro walkbehinds. I am in the minority of Z riders and belt drive owners on here.

    If you do a search on mowers and equipment you will find the various answers to your questions and many more you have yet to think of. The archives here are a wealth of knowledge and expertise that are at your fingertips.

    Good Luck!

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    Yeah ! when I first started I used a 21" murray push mower and a homelite back pack from home depot. Success means diff things to diff people. Some people think success is being the biggest company on the block others think success is being happy at what you do and how you live. To me it's a combination.... I too want a large company, maybe it wont' be as profitable as a smaller operation, but it's imprtant to me to be a large company and be able to provide jobs for good people and do excellent work with the manpower and skills to do what ever I want to do.... But I also want to be happy.... which I think to be a hugh company requires so much time and dedication , it becomes hard to be happy with so many isues and a family on top.. So it lies somewhere in between..

    Education is by far the most important thing.. you can't be happy or successful if you are frustrated cause you dont' know what you are doing , in both horticultural practices and business management and financial.. Finacials are probably the most complicated and frustrated things to master in any business.

    So get educated , keep educated and strive to be the best that you can be and you will be successful ...

    Best of luck to you and to all of us...

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry about the length , I rambled.....
  5. John Allin

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    Early to bed, early to rise....
    Work real hard, and advertise....

    If you think you can, or
    If you think you can't.....
    You're right.
  6. Pauls Mowing

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    There is tons of equipment out there, but the most important is your mind. Strive to do the best job, make the customers happy, then they want more.

  7. fivestarlawnken

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    Take one day at a time.Don't be afraid to start small and build up thats how you do it.Do quality work not quanity,if you can do both great.EDUCATE yourself daily somehow. I kick myself everyday for not going to college, and i've been able to go for free since I was 18(DOH=HOMER)Also take care of yourself on the job use safety equip everytime,ear plugs,saftey glasses etc.:)
  8. script

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    dlandscaping, I have found that quality, realiability, and honesty are the three most important ingredients in this business. Never promise a customer something that you cannot produce. Be honest and do quality work and they will pass your name on to many new potential customers. Good luck.

  9. vipermanz

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    you sound like me dlandscaping!!!!, i'm also 15
  10. awm

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    set your sights high . even if you miss you are usually better off.

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