How did you find Lawnsite???

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
How did you find Lawnsite??? If you can still remember! Cuz I can't! This might even help out the administrators and moderators by letting them know where to advertise....


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Central Florida
I found it 99 when it was the old forum. I had found that one from a link at Roy Padgett's Small Engine Warehouse site, that sent you to Turfquip and then there was a link to Lawnicure


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Flint, Michigan
I found it through Exmarks site. It was through "The Resource."

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
When we first got this forum up, it didn't have that question, so if yours doesn't have that in or the age question, just delete what's in your profile completely and copy and paste this section below in that box and then fill it out. If your only missing one of these, just add the question and fill it out.

How did you find
Your Age:
Company Name:
Years in Business:

Oh, by the way, I found a link at Grassmasters site, to in June 1999 and became a member in July 1999, then it changed to, to


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That was a very good question Vibe Ray.

I found this site for us, strange as it sounds,
when I was reading a beanie baby newsgroup.
Somehow the newsgroup went off topic, and someone
asked if anyone knew a good lawn care site, and was listed. That was the end
of January last year, and we've been reading
this every since.