How did you get into this industry?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

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    How did you guys decide to do this type of work and decide that you love to do it? What made you even give it a shot to see if you liked it? How did it all start out?

    I worked with my dad ALL the time! And one day we did a landscaping job. He usually does house repair and renovation. It was a big job too! We completely renovated the entire lawn (not so much the grass, but everything else). I thought it was kinda fun and decided to give it a shot. I got the idea to start a Lawn cutting business. So I asked my friend if he was interested and he said sure. So we started out and it worked out fine. But as I wanted to expand he couldn't help buy new equipment nor put in any extra labor time to maintain more lawns. So I fired him (in a sense)! And I took over and doubled my business and it has turned out great ever since! And used to ABSOLUTELY DETEST cutting grass before this! That is the real shocker for me! Now I love it. Not to mention my dad is self-employed and when it came to my career choice, I could be antything i want, he said, but you have to be self-employed. Now I understand why he wanted me to.
  2. Premo Services

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    My first job after high school was in Park Department,started when I was 18, worked there for 10 years and was promoted to leadman,then Park Supervisor. I quit that job and did many other things, and about 6 years ago I was tired of bosses and bs. so my wife told me to quit and do something else. I did quit and started my own business. The first few years I would wonder why I did this,but as time progressed I knew why I did this, I AM THE MAN, NO BOSSES and I love to be working outside. I see the satisfaction from my customers, But I get more satisfaction from knowing that the job was done the way I wanted it to be done.
  3. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I wnted to be an electrician even went to college first job i got figured out i hated to be indoors. HA! got a job working for a landscaper found out i loved it in ten yrs since worked for one landscaper and one lawn care and am nearing my one year anniversary of owning.
  4. lsylvain

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    I got into it when I was a kid kind of by accident just started mowing the neighbors yard and then my church and it just kept going from their.

    Unfortunatly, I listened to my teachers in school a decided that I wanted to be a Vet and went to VA Tech and majored in Biological-Chemistry for 2 years hated every minute droped out and went to work for a local company in blacksburg, VA.

    One day I was talking to some freids about jobs and money and such and I realized that I was making more money mowing grass when I was 10 years old than I was then so I jumped on the phone got my licences etc. printed some flyers and was off.

    A secondary reason I got into this was that I really hated cutting my own grass when I got home from work, everyone I knew hated cutting there grass on their time off so I thought it wouldn't be to bad of an Idea.

  5. cleancut

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    I was working p/t at UPS and was newly married..I had alot of free time on my hands and was in need of some extra cash...I had just purchased a new Lowe's 14hp riding mower and I decided I would put it to use...My uncle has a factory about a 1/4 mile away and that was my first customer...I just drove the lawnmower and held the weedeater because I didn't have a trailer....An elderly gentlemen in the neighborhood saw me mowing and asked if I would mow a property for him, I said sure..But first I had to buy a trailer...The first two years I didn't really grow all that much...I think after the second year I had about 8 yards...I was about to give it up but for some reason didn't..I'm in my sixth year, and I now have over 100 accounts and 2 crews...I'm glad that I stuck with it...Derrick
  6. SpringValley

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    Honestly we started a small landscaping business to get a tax write off for the tractor I just had to have. Then my wife saw fencing add and we added Country Estate vinyl fence to our offering. Then a couple of years later I wanted a new Z to mow the yard with. The wife said justify it and you can get it. Went out and got two residential contracts, then three cemeteries and another residential the following spring. Hoping to expand this year.

  7. lawman

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    I was a Police Officer. I was injured pretty bad in the line of duity and retired. I had done some landscaping as a kid and liked it so I went out and got a loan for the local dealer and started. I have also been reading everones posts looking for the best equipent and ways to improve my business. It is kind of strange to work for yourself after working for someone else for so long. This is my story and I hope that you liked it.
  8. Just Cut

    Just Cut LawnSite Member
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    I worked in a manufactoring plants for 15 + years I was sick of working for some else. So I started in the Lawn Business as a means to become self employed
  9. awm

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    Iwas buying some land and needed to get the
    payments somewhere.Truthfully Ive spent very
    little time without 2 jobs. At one time it was enough
    but the wife eventualy went to work also.
  10. SJR Lawncare

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    I worked for a landscape/lawncare company for 6 years, learned alot, got sick of making someone else money, so I took a chance & started my own lawncare business. Now I am the boss & I'm making money for myself. With help from all of you, of course!!


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