How did you get started?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by georgel, Jul 20, 2001.

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    This is not intended as a 'How do I get started' thread. I am more interested in people sharing how they got involved in landscaping and how they started their businesses. Did you start on a shoestring or save a bunch of money and buy a bunch of equipment? Did you start as a 'We do it all' or did you focus on a paticular aspect?

    As I am working on my own, I am wondering if there are some of your experiences that can help me as I mold my business plan.

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    I did custom color installs beds, pots, etc. The neighborhood was exclusive and people would pay the bucks. One residence would try to out do the other and so on. It was a good way to pay for much needed equipment on my way up allowing myself to retain a customer base in the process. All you need is a nitch, do one thing really well and the rest will fall into play. I had a 1/2 ton pickup and no trailer when I started solo. Much of what I earned went back into my business. That paid dues in the years to come.
    All of my equipment today is paid for in full when purchased. If the bottom was to fall out tomorrow I can lock it all up and not have to worry about making payments on things I don't own. Stay focused set goals and you'll get there in due time, good luck!

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