how did you go part time to full time


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It is looking like I will have to go full time this season because of some all day jobs. Which is totally fine with me. I was wondering
just how much money some of you guys were making in mowing a week before you made the jump to full time? :p


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Quit job & went full time with no sales at all!

Not knowing where my next paycheck was coming from was a great motivator. Havent looked back since. Distributed flyers at 4 am through 12in of snow just to get my name out to as many people as quick as I could! If I am watching tv I aint out marketing my business in the spring when it counts.
Tv will be there in the summer.


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Originally posted by kootoomootoo

Tv will be there in the summer.
T.V. in the summer? Ha! Thats a laugh for me! By the time I get home (usually after dark), clean the mowers and equipment, change blades, and load up for the next day, I'm ready to DROP!

I've always been glad there are nothing but re-runs during the summer. If you have the energy to watch TV, more power to ya!



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battags-sounds like were in the same boat.

i live a good 30-40 minutes from the fellow i work for. Im up by 6, at his place by 7, we cut until at least 6 (lunch on the run). He lets me and the other helper go around 7, home by 8, shower, dinner, barley can keep my eyes open before hitting the hay.

good god i love this stuff:cool: