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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Q-Team Inc, Jul 6, 2003.

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    I operate a Yard Care company and am very interested in learning how to do irrigation. There isn't too many people in my area that do it so I see it as a good time to get more business. So how did you learn? Working for somebody else? Take a class? Let me know. I have read many things on irrigation and (not to insult anyone) it seems pretty straight forward. Let me know how you learned.
  2. Q-Team Inc

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    28 views. No replies???
    Somebody must be willing to share!!:dizzy:
  3. Mark B

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    I worked for a collage for 4 yrs. They sent me to some schools but I really learned alot from OJT (trill & error) (SP) . See if you have some supply houses close by and tell em what you want to do. You need to look at it this way most guys here are working there tales off since it is our busy season. You can tell how busy everyone is by the lack of posts on the board. I'm not trying to make excuses. You might want to do a search with in the site to find some answers.My 2 cents
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    Trial and error is really not the way to go because most of the things you are going to do will be buried and wont be discovered for a year or two. Unless its something very wrong. Trial and error is fine for valve box placement and routing with pipe and wires and maybe where to put the clock and rain-check. But head placement and piping are no place for trial and error. Pick up any design book that any of the big companies put out and read it ten times before you do your own yard. Start there and maybe some of your smaller yards and then move up from there. Classes in your area would also be very beneficial to you. Or on-line. Having someone show you will ultimately be the best route.
  5. DanaMac

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    For install the comp. I went to work for showed me how and their method. From their I learned to fix MY mistakes first on the installs before repairing other systems. took seminars and classes in winter provided by suppliers.

    Don't assume troubleshooting and repairing is straight forward. You'll be surprised. Even installing, learn how to do it right before you just "jump in".
  6. greenworldh20

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    i have been installing since highschool...irrigation and landscaping paid my way through college. i worked for some butchers. through them, i learned ALOT!!! i had the good fortune to work alongside people who passed along to me a WEALTH of knowledge in irrigation.

    on the job training complimented by tech seminars and socializing with the enemy ( other contractors) will help you out.

    good luck.

  7. turfman59

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    I have had nothing but great breaks from the competition, they know at this point I am small and my overhead is usually covered in the first 60 days of the season. They send me alot of work, rent me equipment, give me equipment, they know what it takes to make it, one of the guys that has been doing it thats been the biggest help did 1.5 million last year...he still waves and blows the horn every time he see's me.
  8. greenworldh20

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    wow....that is great! overhere, the competition is realllllllll tough. i am in a cut throat market. the tri state area here is tough...ask phil nillison...he knows what i am talking about.

    glad to hear business is great over there.

  9. Arnold

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    Learned most of it on my own with transite and metal pipe. Then did alot of work part time with a pro installer. The hardest part I think in irrigation is the layout of the design, flow, presure, and coverage. Get as much info you can Good Luck
  10. MikeK

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    Installing an irrigation system, after you have done 70 to 100 is pretty easy, anyone with the proper training can do it.
    The Design is another story.
    The first system I ever bid took me 1 1/2 hours to design ( don't laugh), now I can do one in 10 minutes or less.

    I would suggest spending at least a week with another contractor and offer your labor in exchange for him training you.

    I've helped several other contractors get into the business this way. If you want to spend a week in MN, let me know and you are more than welcome to work with us.

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