How Did You Start Out?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by MJS, May 4, 2008.

  1. StihlMechanic

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    I was a mechanic with various Stihl, Toro, JD, ect dealers up until last Nov. I slowly accumulated my equipment for free. Usually junk that needed repair. I now have everything I need. The only thing I paid for was my 60 inch toro, but I worked at the dealer at the time so I just paid their cost, $8000 for a $12,000 machine. I knew I needed to go ahead and pull the trigger on it as I have passed on good deals before at other dealers I have worked for. REALLY GOOD DEALS. Oh well. Anyways I hope this year takes off for me, I'm done turning wrenches. Plus, with the schedule of self employment, I hope to finish my degree at the university I live next to. Hope to one day have a large operation, but time will tell.
  2. watsmi57

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    with a push mower in the trunk of our old Buick lol
  3. BradLewisLawnCare

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    hyundai elantra with a tow package and a 4x6 trailer to haul a yard of mulch... god that was ridiculous... jackknifed that trailer 3x or more into the back fenders of that car, but learned how to drive with a trailer... used a hand me down mower hand tools before that when I was not old enough to drive. eventually bought a truck when I saved enough. then bought my grandfathers JD when I saved more.
  4. S_Perrreault

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    Was looking for a way to be my own boss

    I struggled at the start with a real bad scumbag business partner, but he taught me alot about street smarts - after I went on my own 10 years ago I have really enjoyed all of it
  5. srb88042

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    Paid cash money for everything I have. I don't owe anyone a dime.

    OUTLANDER LawnSite Senior Member
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    sorry i have to ask..was you rich, well off i mean already?...why are you doing this? I'm sayin i do know what you're saying and all, i don't owe anything for what equipment i have either, and it feels pretty nice, but it took quite some time, AND ALOT OF HARD WORK!!! to get to where i'm make it sound like you just have the money on hand or something, if so then good for you...........this thread is about how did you start? (not giving you a hard time ...was just curious):confused:
  7. Cutter1

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    I lost a bet
  8. Utah Lawn Care

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    Bought a commercial 30 inch mower, nice edger, nice trimmer, nice blower, made a simple web site, handed out flyers, prayed people contacted me.
  9. yardworkswi

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    #1 & #2 Sitting at desk job and decided I had enough of that. I had worked for a family friend that owns a tree service and liked that type of work but too much $ to start that so went with maintenance. Off of Craigslist I got a 92 Silverado, 6 x 8 trailer, 50" cub cadet lawn tractor, cub 4 stoke straight shaft with a blower/edger/hedge trimmer attachments. Then bought a honda 21" at HD. Already had a ladder, rakes, shovels, husky saw and a few other tools. Bought a bunch of misc items at Menards and then got a website and phonebook ad from yellowbook. Aquired a 4 stoke troy built backpack blower for a few hrs of work for the tree service. Got a late start and only picked up 1 biweekly that will be weekly this yr and got a few good gutter, leaf and cleanups. Still at same desk job and cant wait till spring hopin my current advertising and as much EDDM as I can afford gets me going. Selling old 92" (rusty and ugly) and upgrading to something i can letter and have looking nice. Also want to sell the trailer and upgrade and pick up a nice 36" walk behind. I invested less than 5k of my, the banks and parents money and have a decent setup but hopin to upgrade as I go.
  10. TurfWerks

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    I worked for 2 companies, 1 of which was great to work for just got burned out. The other I helped build significantly and ended up getting the shaft on, so I decided it was time to quit dealing with someone telling me how to cheat people, and start doing the right thing.

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