How Did You Start Out?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by MJS, May 4, 2008.

  1. Coastline Lawn

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    Actually I worked for the company I bought. It was was started as a Ground Maintanence Company. Then got into the landscaping. Then it went to Hrdscapes and lighting. Then it went to water features and such. My boss and best friend decided that he wasnt making enough on the Grass cutting side and wanted to get rid of it. I offered to buy it. That is how I started. Unfortunately for my friend, he went under last fall. I now do everything but hardscapes(been there done that). There are many times in the past 6 years that the Ground maintanence has pulled the company through tough months. It is always guaranteed money every month as long as you have the accounts. Even if it is a pain in the butt at times. Especially when its 100 degrees everyday for weeks at a time.

    MLAWCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    #2 started with one lawn and worked up with more lawns and better equipment
  3. Green Industry Pro

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    Kinda #1 and #2/others.I started out with just mowing our yard and maybe a neighbors once in a while.Then I just graduated to doing neighbors more often and saving the money(I used a craftsman 21",homelite line trimmer and handheld blower{now the homelites are 15 years old and still run good]).I got equipment for christmas and birthdays instead of other stuff,so I aquired half of my begginer equip. that way.Also my grandparents are close to me and my bro so I was able to have them buy me a snapper walk $699 and me repay some of the money later.Right now I want to get a full commercial setup one step at a time.I have a shindaiwa t242,troy-bilt tb4bp,snapper 21",craftsman 21".At the beginning of next year Im going to get more clients(I have some money to spend on new stuff and im gonna try to save money next year aswell).Using some money I have in the bank,Im going to buy an echo srm-265t,echo hc-155,shindaiwa eb802.Hopefully that will do good for a while.:usflag::usflag:

    P.S. good survey idea/comment on my threads please
  4. anotherturfgeek

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    Started by accident. Helping out a realtor.
    used own personal home equpt for the 1st year
    bought and paid cash for all commercial equipt as I made the cash.
    Built my own trailers
  5. DKJLawnCare

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    I had a Craftsman LT1000 Rider for home use, a feather lite curved shaft trimmer, weed eater brand blower, and a 21" Craftsman push mower. Already had a 4x8 trailer.

    Sold the LT1000 and bought a Tiger Cub, bought a stihl BR420 blower, made the trailer wider to carry everything, added a straight shaft featherlite.

    The rest is still in the works
  6. thegreenreaper

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    had a buddy that was mowing and saw the extra cash. I then became interested so i bought a used trailer and new trimmer and blower. my father let me borrow his zero turn cub cadet for as long as i wanted and also a echo edger. then the exciting part came my friend stop mowing and had 12 accounts he ask me if i wanted them there i was off. sense then i have bought a ex-mark lazer 50", shindawa trimmer, echo trimmer and edger, and did some upgrades to trailer. having a blast now.
  7. ZAQLandscaping

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    When I was 15, I Started with a Craftsman LT3000 Rider with a 42" mower deck, a ryobi trimmer, a small backback blower, and a 4.5ft*8ft trailer. Worked with it for 2 months and realized it wasnt right. so i sold the tractor, trimmer, and blower and bought a
    -John Deere GS45 54" Commercial Walk Behind
    -Echo Trimmer
    -Echo Blower
    I got really got prices on the machines and i borrowed some money from my parents but I was always cutting grass so it paid for itself quickly.

    As for the trailer, I used the same one for my first season but because its just 1.5in big enough for my mower, I knew i had to get a bigger one. So i found a 16 ft double axle landscaping trailer that i also had to borrow money again but i had made enough last season to have most of it paid off.
  8. mowerdude777

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    1 and 2 for me
  9. BADevilDog

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    Started out with the equipment I was already using on my own lawn. Stihl FS55 Edger and another FS55 Trimmer, Echo blower, and a John Deere ZTR. Partnered up with a friend who had a larger ZTR and more John Deere brand trimmers and edgers and started tossing flyers.
  10. BTM Lawn Maintenance L.L.C

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    I started out with a 20" weedeater 4hp push mower I picked up one day on the side of the road on my way to work.It didnt even have gas or oil in it.brand new !! never use a mower before this..I started cutting my friend lawn with it and it was love at first I still have the mower in my garage..its a really clean and new mower and ill never get rid of it...also it cuts really well...maybe ill start a 'my first mower' thread with it if one hasn't been started already..

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