How diversified are you?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jnlenterprise, Dec 13, 2007.

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    When we started out nearly 10 years ago, I decided that my business would be all inclusive. This meaning I would not shy away from anything lawn or landscape related. My opinion was and still is that providing a multitude of services maximizes the dollars you get from each customer and protects you from slumps in specific markets. I know that there will be some that say you should have a more direct focus but i have found that it keeps us on a steady revenue stream. We have turf guys, fert guys, hardscapers and landscaper and a few that do whatever is needed that day. Most of our crews are cross trained. One guy may be installing a sprinkler system on Monday, Tuesday filling in for lawn guy that was a no show, Wednesday building a patio and Thursday and Friday installing a pond and planting trees. We have a good mix of commercial, residential and multi family clientele. And before anyone brings up quality, I would put my crews up against any of yours at any time. The fact is our comebacks are less than 1%. Is what we do the norm or do most specialize?
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    "And before anyone brings up quality, I would put my crews up against any of yours at any time. The fact is our comebacks are less than 1%." WOW you seem alittle hostile :hammerhead: do all lawn care owners get this way? Tell me now before i go any further with my business because i dont want know parts of it!
  3. bigw

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    not trying to start anything,just thought you came off really defensive.
  4. jnlenterprise

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    WOW, I can see I am going to have fun on this forum already. Hostile..nah. But I have found that forums are a great place for people to try and find fault in everything you do or say as a way to boast there importance to the world and I can assure you that somebody will have put up a post telling me that by being so diversified I am giving up quality and so I wanted to take that option clearly out of peoples responses. As far as you not wanting to start something, why not participate in a meaningful discussion on the subject and not on attacking it. I thought this site was for people to discuss issues and subjects that will ultimately benefit the industry and fellow business people.
  5. topsites

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    As they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none.
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    I am a newbie in the business so I don't know how much you will value my opinion but here it goes. I think it is a great idea as long as you can balance everything like you said and not sacrifice the quality of your work. When I started out this year I had the intention of just offering a basic lawn care service. Quickly I realized that 1. Most of my customer base didn't want just a basic service. They also wanted weed control, lawn fert/shrubs so I am networking with a guy who provides these services for me and it has worked out well. I plan on getting licensed in the future so that I can be more of a one stop shop. 2. Landscaping in the dry, slower months is very profitable. Why would you sub this out to someone else?
  7. muddstopper

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    I have one main focus in my business, Hydroseeding, but there are times, like the drought this year, when that one focus isnot enough. Its the other things that we can do that keeps the cash flow going. I dont take on other work that we cant handle, thats just asking for trouble, but as long as the job is one I am confident we can deliver a quality product on, then we will take the job. This year it has meant doing small retaining walls, removing trees, grinding stumps, some landscapeing, and we even built a small garage. All projects that where fully in the scope of our abilities. In the past, I have shided away from this type work simply because we didnt have the time to do them, but being able to do this type of work has kept us in business this year.
  8. lifetree

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    Good for you, it sounds like you have a good customer base down there in Florida ... however, I find the opposite here in TN ... most folks just want a basic lawn care service, nothing fancy because they don't want to pay for it !!
  9. Organic a go go

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    I think being as diversified as you possibly can without sacrificing
    quality really should be a goal for most operators. In my experience
    there is *always* the chance to up sell a customer on something
    once you've got your foot in the door. Almost everyone would like
    some landscaping or beds worked or what have you. Lawn care
    is no different from any other business in that the more revenue
    streams you can create the more money you got at the
    end of the day.
  10. lifetree

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    Generally speaking, this is true ... however, there may be and always are, exceptions to every rule !!

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