how do door knob hangers work

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cutter3, Feb 3, 2002.

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    I am going to take my lawn care service full time this year, I have worked at a manufactoring plant for 10 years they are down sized to death 400 to 150 in last 6 months and they are going to start laying off again. I have had a lawn service part-time for 14 years doing about 25 hours a week after work, I am not going to set around and wait my turn to get layed off so I am going to go for it and do what I do best which is lawn care. I need all the advice I can get on getting new accounts.
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    I would reply but, I just anserwed your question on the thread "What do you put on your flyers".
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    I mean I answered your question on the thread called " Flyers getting ready for the season"
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    We have Nebs make up all our landscape products. We distribute approx. 2,000 plus door hangers made by nebs on doors and have approx. 6% to 10% return. 15 to 30 new lawns a year cheapest advertising available!
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    No offense Landscaper3, but you aren't getting 6-10%. More like 1% return which is near average for these types of advertising. 10% return would be 200 new lawns! With that kinda wouldn't be able to open your door with every Tom Dick and Harry putting them on your knob. ;)
  6. LawnLad

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    Typically hand bills or flyers will yied 1%, and if you're really lucky you might get 2%, no more than 3%.

    Sales is a game of numbers. You have to track your phone calls and know from where they are coming if you're advertising in different ways. Plus you need to know your closing rate on the calls or contracts you put out.

    For example:

    A) Put out 10,000 flyers for 100 phone calls.

    B) Prequalify calls - offer about 60 bids

    C) 50% closing rate means you'll get 30 contracts.

    The more targeted your flyers/advertisements, you'll get more qualified callers/inquiries. And, the better you are at selling/pricing, the higher your closing rate.

    Regardless, you'll never know unless you track it. This way if you know you want 60 new customers, either you have to put out 20,000 flyers, or find other ways to tweek your sales process and tarteted marketing efforts.

    Cutter3 - you may be new at this and therefore won't have the numbers, but you can estimate what they might be and as you track your successes over the next two years, you'll know better what to expect three years from now when you're looking to add another XX number of customers.

    Good luck with the growth of your business.
  7. walker-talker

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    To those who have hung door hangers, when you are going from house to house, do you cut through the lawns or walk around?

    Also, does anyone target newer developments or target older ones, where older people live? This pertains to offering mowing services.

  8. LawnLad

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    I instruct the guys to follow the mail man's route. If that means there is a clear path through the yard, follow it. Otherwise, walk on pavement. Never, never walk through beds or on people's lawns, particularly well manicured ones. Actually go a complain once.

    We work in area of Cleveland that is older, houses built in early 1900's up to about 1930's.

    After reading the book, "The Millionaire Next Door", I reevaluated my target audience. I used to target the larger homes in the area, but we weren't getting the work that I wanted from them. Often wondered why some of their lawns look like crap. It's because they're living beyond their means and can't afford to live in the hosue let alone have someone do the work. They may earn big incomes, but they have big expenses too! Maybe no savings.

    We now targe affluent, well to do areas, but smaller homes where the cost to keep the house up isn't as high. The installs are usually under $10 K, so we're in and out on those projects. The maintenance doesn't require big mowers, instead the it's the detail orientation and quality of service and relationship that counts in their eyes.

    Works for us.
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    LawnLad, I like your posts. Your a credit to the green industry from what I see.
  10. LawnLad

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    I appreciate your kind words HBFOXJr. In some ways just trying to give back what so many have given to me. I'm a young guy looking to receive or get back as much info as I'm willing and or able to give out. Obviously our perspectives come from our own set of experiences and what we've learned through trial and error. Hopefully we can learn from each other.

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