How do guys get away doing stuff like this?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by ar-t, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. ar-t

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    Long story short........especially since I am still fuming over this. (It is one of those feisty Italian things.)

    The landscape company I do most of my work through calls me to fix some wires that they tore up with the trencher, during a new irrigation system install.

    Only is UF-B, going to some mercury vapour lights, in trees..................4" below the surface, maybe 6". And no conduit. (Of course!)

    IOW........about 18" too close to the surface.

    The customer swears it was put in by a licensed electrician.

    I suggested that they call that guy back up, and get him to bring it up to code. For free.

    Assuming he knows what the code is......................

    No way I am going to touch any of it.
  2. Chris J

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    I wouldn't touch it. Once you get involved it is your baby! They will continue to call you for every problem associated with the lighting. In my opinion, it is never worth the trouble, no matter how much they pay.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    can o worms....I service systems but I really do hate messing with half a$$ work. 9 times out of 10 I reccommend a new system from a saftey standpoint.

    We got some guys running around here mounting merc vapors up in trees. Looks like a star in the top of the tree at night. Kind of obnoxious considering there is no type of shroud on the fixture. They screw the juctions and or ballasts from hid lights directly to the tree too.
  4. JackTorsed

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    It's weird i've been seeing alot of mercury vapor being installed here too lately. They've got these gigantic tree mount downlights all the way up at the top of the tree. The effect is a green light that looks horrible in my opinion. Each light also needs it's own ballast box. I'd imagine that it must be expensive to install considering all the labor , materials and codes that come along with 120 volts. Too bad that money isn't going to Low voltage.
  5. ar-t

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    In these parts, mercury vapour lights start at $400/fixture. And goes up from there, depending on how high up in the tree that they are installed. Never mind they make food and people look unnatural. Even Greenlee concedes that much. However, they are all over the "old money" part of Dallas. Probably because the major installer advertises on the Classical Music radio station.

    LV runs around..........$250 or so per.
  6. JackTorsed

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    That's John Watson illuminator down yonder right?
  7. ar-t

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  8. JackTorsed

    JackTorsed LawnSite Member
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    Is Watson still around?
  9. NightScenes

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    Watson is still around and is still the murcury vapor cowboy!! He is even in my market.
  10. ar-t

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    My buddy called me yesterday, and said the customer was not going to pay for the irrigation work unless he fixed the cut wires. Customer said a temporary fix was ok, as they would get a licensed electrician to come out "in a month or two" to fix it properly. (Do any of us believe that 1-2 month crap?)

    Nope........I told him the he needed to 'splain that he was not a licensed electrician and that a temporary fix was not something that he was going to do. He provided them with the names of 2 electricians that I recommended, and suggested they contact them if they felt his stance was wrong.

    So.........they back down, and agree to pay. They informed him that they will get the original contractor back to fix it properly.

    Why do they think that he will do it right this time??? In any case, I never got involved, and that is hopefully the last I will hear of this.

    Until they stop payment on the check...............!

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