how do I bid fall clean ups now?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TheKingNJ, Mar 27, 2005.

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    Hey guys I'm working on an apartment complex but they want me to include spring and fall clean ups in my bid. Now i can see what the spring clean up needs but I have no idea what the fall clean up will need.

    Also when I give them my bid should I just divide the two and add them into the mowing prices or should i say the spring clean up rate will be $XXXX and the fall clean up will be XXXX and will be divided into monthly payments?

  2. lawnlubber

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    Most commercial bids they will want a total not just an hourly rate. This is why experience is so important. You need to visualise the work to be done this fall without actually seeing it. When you've done hundreds of similar jobs that is much easier. You need to look at the size and species of trees to get an idea of how many leaves you will have. Are there perennials that will need to be cut back? Are there a lot of shrubs which will catch leaves in them. What type of equipment will you need to use. Where can you dispose of the leaves. Knowing these do your best to estimate time and multiply it by your rate.
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    And then pad it a little beyond that to CYA. :rolleyes:

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    Just figure how long it will take you. Look at the trees in the area. Figure what a big cleanup would cost and a light one say $800 and $550 then average em together $675

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