How do i build a wall around/up to this tree and make it look good?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by alldayrj, May 9, 2013.

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    The mansions have brick walls on the outside. Or stucko.

    The tract houses in the planned unit developments have vinyl siding with a smidgen of brick on the fronts.

    The mansions have natural stone everything outside.

    The houses in the planned unit developments have pavers.

    When I was a kid many houses had the fake brick walls on the insides. To me, pavers and this man made wall block are on the same page as the fake brick walls from the 1970's :)

    Natural stone work is almost always more money. classier
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    My house is brick so I'm a high roller. This guy likes clean lines so i have a feeling we're just going to do the concrete swr and boulders by the trees. I'll show him the world class design next week and update you bros. thanks.

    Any ideas for plants?
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    For plants - just throw down some landscape gravel and call it a day!
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    In all honesty this is a silly exercise.

    Those trees should just come down. They are old pine of some sort and look close to the end with the way they have lost most of their lower limbs.

    I would push to remove trees, grade/roll the lawn down to meet the curb, maybe using the material excavated to create a raised bed or smaller burm somewhat more inside the curb area.

    I would think about planting some landmark trees like a nice large multistem red maple, tulip poplar which grow quickly and are quite interesting. If they are set on evergreen go with a a few nice Norway Spruce in a sweep/informal planting.

    When planting I really like to stick with "old favorites" A hedge of sorts there to create some privacy and intimacy in the yard would be nice. Plants like common lilac, Juneberry, red buds, dogwood, magnolia, roses, etc etc. Really don't like that suburban weepy crap look.

    We try to avoid walls whenever possible. There is a place for SRW walls but in my mind most of them are just something that you are going to be paying to tear out and dispose of again in the future when they fail.

    I like to do something that is appropriate and makes sense. Most owners seem to understand that when you really explain that to them. Oddly I find myself agreeing with DVS here...

    My 2 cent ramble...
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    Sent some pictures and a budget number. Expecting a call back by Monday. They want the block wall to continue on the right of the trees and step down to the driveway so that limits grading and sod work too.

    To conceal the trees roots I think they want a low fence that will bridge between the two sections of wall. Might actually look cool

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