How do I bypass the blade safety switches?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Whitaker24, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Mickhippy

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    Mowers dont kill people, ..................!
    That reverse switch is idiotic! I would bypass it the first minute of ownership. The seat switch is another matter. That must be left alone incase of roll over!
  2. Stillwater

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    Although I have not jumped down anyone throat in this thread. I can understand why some would react that way and I understand why some think those interlocks are not necessary. You got to admit their are some pretty ******** posts hear. Myself, I would not knowingly allow any of my machines out that had safety interlocks disabled or not working. I have plenty of back up machines their is no excuse, for me anyway. If you really hate a mowers setup get rid of it. But as far as jumping down on posters goes, that is not necessary either.
  3. JCinNC

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    It used to, I disconnected that switch on day one, but I still don't get off the mower with the blades turning. It also has a kill switch if the levers are pulled in while the parking brake is on. I was going to disconnect them, but thought it might save me a pump one day down the road.

  4. Think Green

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    All machine kill-switches can be disabled.........or better quoted.....rerouted for their disfunction.
    I used to mow with a JD LX380 and the machine did not go into reverse without killing the blade system. That really pissed me off, as this machine was used only as a small part time machine. That 2 way PTO switch had to be pulled up on in reverse to keep from deactivating the clutch. After a month, the button wore out. There was a way to reroute the kill-switch and I did do it!! I was the only person to use the machine, and when it was sold last year, the mechanism was reinstated. Over the years, I have used JD--Walker--Toro--Gravely--Husqvarna--Grasshopper--Exmark,etc and all of them had issues with these kill-switches. I can tell you that the mechanisms can be disabled, but the dealer can refuse to repair any unit that has been tampered with. Some are pressure activated, some are ingition activated, some are pin activated. Either way, some can't be loop wired to deactivate.
    I do not advocate to anyone to disable their units kill systems, but what you do is your own business. If I were the only person using my equipment, then that is my business, as long as the system is intact when you go in for repairs or reselling.
    I do not get off my Walker currently while the blades are running. At all!!!!!!
    Sometimes common sense should bark at you or slap you in the back of the head. Often times, a situation arrives where a person needs to alter their machine. This could be one of them.....

    Use your own best judgement.
    Be safe!!
  5. woodspirits

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    Gee, the guy just wanted a simple answer. I had a z-force and hated that specific safety??? feature. I do not see the safety in two switches shutting off the blades spontaneously every time you need to go reverse.

    If you site down the sticks you can see the two switches being closed each time the stick is moved to the rear. There are two small brackets that are screwed into each stick (that contact the switch button) that may be removed.

    There are 5 or so metal screws that hold each cover. Remove these screws and it will give you enough room to get to the two brackets when the covers are pulled out. You will not have to remove the ignition switch or choke controls........there is enough room to pull the shields outwards and gain access to those two brackets.

    Once those small brackets are removed the switches will not be closed again when you pull the sticks rearward and the mower will run and function much better. My description is from memory and if you have any trouble just post it here and I will post some photos.
  6. Stillwater

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    just ask.... Connor Jack Nicklin
  7. THC

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    Turning off the blades when in reverse is one of the most ******** things I think I have ever heard.
  8. topsites

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    Now I will tell you folks the REAL reason why safety switches exist.
    Is it because folks got (or get) hurt?
    No, although that did lead up to it, but no.

    Is it because folks could, or might get hurt?
    Kind of, in some cases it leads up to it, and certainly in all cases where a switch was eventually
    implemented this was more than likely a part of the play, but not really.

    Then why do they exist?
    Because of the law suits.

    Hence here is the problem:
    So long you can guarantee that nobody will sue the manufacturer after you are injured or killed, then you
    can disable anything at all, but then neither you nor I can guarantee such an absolute lack of greed.

    Well that is just homosexual.

    I don't really have a problem with the fact that the switches exist,
    my problem is the safeties FOIST someone else's issues down my throat.
  9. Sammy

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    I have to wonder, are these the same guys that say they always remove the guards on their trimmers ?
  10. MarcSmith

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    As a said, remove all warning labels (and lawyers) and the problem will solve it self through removal of individuals from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    is the reverse lockout blade switch stupid safety device, yes...but there are some who would have benefited form such a device. But the safety devices are making us stupid. Wow you mean I don't need to turn around and look where I'm going when Im backing up? Wow you mean I don't need to keep an eye on my kid while my father's cutting he grass to make the kid stays away form the machine?

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