How do i calculate how much Nitrogen i am putting down?

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I am guessing this wasnt on your study material....:hammerhead:

We only care about the N value
24-x-x is your fertilizer analysis
50 lb bag size

That means that 24% of your 50 lb bag is N
12 lbs of N in the bag

Depending on how many lbs of N you want to apply will determine how to calibrate your machine and how far your 50 lb bag will go.

if you want 1 lb of N per k your 50 lb bag will cover 12k
if you want 1/2 lb N per k your 50 lb bag will cover 24k

Make sense?

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Now take that 50lb bag and divide that by the 12k it will cover and that will tell you that you should be applying 4.16lbs of product per K so when you callibrate you know how much per K you should be using.
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Nice guys, great simple math.