how do i come about getting a contract

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass disaster, Nov 27, 2004.

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    i live in southern Minnesota. i have been doing this part time for some time. but last year my business really picked up. i want to start getting more into the town home part of it. i am going to be needing some type of contract for this.

    the services i provide is

    -spring/fall clean-up
    death/aerate if asked, usually not needed since they are new lawns
    -typical lawn cutting,trim,blow. like to be doing it once a week
    -shrub trimming

    i kinda work together with a gentle man, he does the plowing. i get him work he gets me work. it works out quite well.

    next year i hope to have 30 town homes(all twin homes).

    i appreciate your help. just shoot me in a direction
  2. paponte

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    Draw one up? Contract lawyer? :confused:
  3. Rick Jones

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    I try not to say this too often but, do a search. There are several good examples in the archives that have graciously been posted by some of the members of this site.

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