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How do i determine what to charge??

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I'm new to the business and I need to submit a proposal to a prospective client. The sq. footage for the turf areas are 318x683. There is also some hedges (approx 3ft. high and about 22ft. in length) that have to be trimmed and some mulch to be applied to the tree areas ( approx. 15 trees on property). This is my first time making a proposal and I need a little help. Thanks, Chris M.:usflag:
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That's a big lawn, about 5 acres. Without seeing it's hard to say how much to charge..could be $200 or could be $500 per mow. Hedge sounds easy...$75 bucks or so. Tree rings..maybe $15 each but depends how big they are..could be $50 each if they're big. Really not enough info to do anything but guess.
No problem. And don't worry about people giving you a hard time, it's normal here, lol.
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