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    Hey guys, I have a landscape job that I need to figure how much dirt I need. Its a bed about 50' long and 20 ' wide at its widest point, and probably 10' wide at its narrowest. The bed will be peanut shaped and it will have two berms in it on either end, one end will be 12" tall and the other 18" tall the middle of the berm will be ground level. The 18" berm is about 15' wide by 20' long and the 12" berm is 8' wide by 10' long.

    I'd really appreciate any help guys, this is my first landscape job involving creating berms and I dont have any experience them.
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    Multiply your square footage by your depth (1=12 inch, 1.5 = 18 inches) divided by 27 (# of cubic feet in a yard) and multiply by 1.5 to compensate for settling. This will give you the yards of soil needed.

    i.e. 100 sf x 1.5 (foot and a half) = 150 divided by 27 = 5.555 X 1.5 = 8.3333 yards of topsoil needed.

    Use that formula to figure any cubic yardage. The last number may vary depending on material and amount of settling or compaction.

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