how do i find a fair selling price fo my grasshopper?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mr.greenjeans, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. mr.greenjeans

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    I bought a business from another landscaper who had injured his back. One of the mowers that came with the business is a 1998 Grasshopper 928D. I have no problem with the mower itself, but it is just to long to fit in either of my trailers with the other mowers that I need to bring. It starts and runs fine. It has 2733 hrs. It has a kabota deisel engine, dump from the seat catcher with a belt driven blower fan and power lift deck. It was maintained well and has had oil and filter and air filter changed every 100 hours. I already have spare mowers and it just seems to be a waste of already minimal space in my garage. Can anyone give me an idea of what I should ask for this thing? I've searched to find the same mower w/catcher and DEISEL but nothing I find comes close.
  2. mr.greenjeans

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    Ok, Since No one replied I'll bring it to the top again.
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    lets start with the hours 27 hundred plus hours , thats alot of hours on a machine , next its 9 years old an used well in the 9 years , it does have a diesel for the long haul an some extras . price wise any where form $2200 to $3800 max see ya george
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    That isn't any hours on a GH diesel. You can expect, with some maintenance and care, 5-8k hours. That being said, i have seen a machine almost exactly to that going for $5000-$8000. My dealer NEVER has ANY diesel sitting used on the floor. They go FAST! My 05' 722 is already sold. I made the mistake of mentioning that i'm buying a new 928 and I get a bunch of people that want it.

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