How do I get a suppliers show together????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by windmill, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. windmill

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    I read so much about the suppliers shows in the east like the GIE and others but we have nothing like that in the west.
    The local Husqvarna dealer put on a show last week and said he would love a bigger venue to show the quality of his machines compared to the others.
    I wondered if there were any others.
    So how would I go about doing something like this?? I've picked up some quality ideas at another site and invite some input from here.
    I'm going to sit back on my lawn chair, sip some java, and wait for some enlightenment from the creme de la creme.
  2. oneandonlyjojo

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    from NY
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    takes a lot of work need to contact all the companies to see if they want to join, need to find a place to rent which will be expensive and would need lots of sponsorship, probably some permits involved also
  3. windmill

    windmill LawnSite Member
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    Thanks oneandonlyjojo, I had factored some of that in but wonder about the suppliers themselves. In our area we don't have a great selection of suppliers, We don't see hustler, exmark, walkers and a lot of the other mowers (and other equipment) you seem to have out your way. I'm not sure of the reason, maybe we aren't worth selling to (not enough of us) or our grass is too tough.
    The mowers we see are mostly Honda and JD the very occasional Toro and I have a Husqvarna. That's about it. For smaller equipment we will also see Stihl in the mix up.
    I guess it makes purchases easier, but it would be nice to see some other equipment, and have a reason for a party.
    Now, back to the lawn (in the sunny Okanagan).
  4. MMLawn

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    Having been involved in putting on several major trade shows in Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, etc I can tell you that you would have an uphill battle. First major companies limit the number of trade shows they do in any year because for them it is very expensive and getting them to bite on a new one, esp one put on by a person(s) would be very, very hard. It would have to be in a Major City with a lot of draw and you would have to be able to provide hard numbers of folks registered to attend, probably at least a 1,000 before they would even consider coming. The cost to YOU to put it on, say in a very basic 35K-50K Sq ft facility would be bewteen $50K-$100K. Also most organizations putting on trade shows book events and loctaions/cities 2-3 years in advance.
  5. windmill

    windmill LawnSite Member
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    Thanks MM that was insightful, gives me something to think about.

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