how do i get a wholesale license

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by j9sheldon, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. j9sheldon

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    to all who live in texas.

    How do I go about getting a wholesale license for landscape materials.

  2. Dr. Greenthumb

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    why do you need one
  3. LoneStarLawn

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    To purchase wholesale you just need a FEIN for the business. Some wholesale nurseries need you to have a nursery certificate as well.
  4. arapahoetree

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    I am wondering also what the requirments are to obtain a wholesale license?

    Do most landscape companies hold these licenses? How much are they annually?

  5. topsites

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    As a business, you do not need a wholesale license unless you plan to SELL wholesale yourself.
    That is, if you plan on selling to mainly other businesses and not charging sales tax or some other tax exemption.
    Otherwise, you can sell however you like, doesn't matter if you're selling in bulk, who cares, selling is selling.
    You do not need this if you only intend to BUY things in quantity, regardless of what you do with it.

    I would think, when getting your business license, it is an additional category but that is all. In my case, my license is service only but I had the choice of retail and wholesale and some other crap too... Still, this is just part of the business license.

    Also, don't expect to find the greatest discounts via wholesale, all that story is just so much bs been going around 100's of years. You can and will find as many if not better discounts in other ways as well, so don't think wholesale is the cheapest (it's not).
    SOME places will give great wholesale discounts (30-50% and more) but a lot of places give stupid wholesale discounts (2 and 3 and 5-10%) and really you're just as well off banking your money and waiting for something to go on sale, and then when it does you buy a whole bunch of it. I find the greatest discounts at Big Lots and some salvage stores, also you just have to look and look and look for what you need until you finally find that special company that sells the SAME thing cheaper.

    As a general rule, if it ain't at least 30% off when it goes on sale, don't even bother me. If it's 50% off, that's really nice and if it's 70% off you can wake me up at 4am in the morning and I will share your excitement at that time.

    For example, how I get my rubber grommets that go on the end of the T-bar on my mower, these things break ALL the time and cost over a dollar each at the dealer. Ok, well I order 100 of them from Mid-Atlantic Rubber company at a cost of 43 dollars (shipping included) so 43 cents each, and I don't need a wholesale license (they might, dunno, don't care), and now I got rubber grommets supply for 5-10 years or better. The secret is I had to measure the grommet on my machine and compare it to all of theirs until I found the exact size.

    Another example is oil filters for the Kohler, I get the Advance Auto parts filter I found that fits for 3 dollars each (compare to 7-10 dollars dealer price for the actual kohler filter). Now I buy this like any other customer, retail price, need no license.
    See that's what I mean.

    Hope that helps
  6. drmiller100

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    in Idaho, you need a license from the state in order to sell plant materials. 2 page application, 50 bucks. Hardest question is what is your federal tax id.

    wholesale nurseries won't sell unless you have this. they could lose their licenses if they tried.
  7. toac

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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