How do I get demo ponds?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by FNCPonds, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I am just starting out on building water features. I have been wondering what the best way to get demo ponds in to gas stations and restaurants? Do you have an applications or some easy process to convince the manger they need to put it in the ground? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

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    Hi Cole
    Any job that I have known to go into a restaraunt or business, the owner has wanted it and he accepts bids. If you have businesses in mind that a water feature would look good in front of (I think every business should have one) call or better yet go into the business and discuss it with them. From experience, you need to be very prepared. Treat it like a presentation. Have a lot of material for them to look at (brochures, pics, any literature, and DVDs for them to watch). Also let them know that since it is a property improvement it could be tax deductible. Have a nice boulder with their business name etched into it for advertising. Having once lived in Frisco, I know that the money is there for water features. It's jsut going to have to take some convincing on your part to implement it. Good luck.
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    what we did was go to the best masonry rock supplier in the area we are in and put in a demo pond 11x16 with a 30' stream and waterfall and put it at the front entrance to their new building u would not believe the people that come in on the homeowner side of it and see it and ask where they can get one and who does it.the owner of the store donated all the rock and stone and we gave them the complete pond freee it is coming back 10 fold in leads and we are just a distrubutor of the product we just give the leads to our guys and the masonary company where the stone is sells the stone and everyone wins,u can do gas stations and resturants all day long and u know what the people that see them are not there to think about a pond it may look nice but they are there for other reasons think about it we hit a gold mine with our idea
    gooooood luccckkk

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