How do I get good service?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by louieb, Sep 11, 2004.

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    I moved in to a new home with a 1 acre lawn in June. The contractor had done the typical straw and seed and I had a yard full of weeds in no time. I hired a company to mow the lawn. They always show up on schedule (they also mow 15 other lawns in the neighborhood) but they don't do the greatest job of mowing and trimming (poorly maintained mowers with dull blades, lots of skips, throw their cigarette butts in the lawn while mowing and they mow the same pattern every week). As a result I decided to find a different company to take care of my lawn. I received several recommendations for one company so I called them. They reviewed my lawn and recommended a total kill of the lawn, power seeding with 3 types of Fescue, aerating twice a year and fertilizing / weed control 6 times a year. They don't mow or trim, so they said I needed to find someone else for that. They gave me a quote and I immediately told them to get started. They told me they would come by the next day, kill off the lawn, follow up within 7 days with a second kill where needed and then power seed 7 days after that. I was told I would have a new lawn within 4 weeks. They showed up the next day, killed the lawn and presented me with a bill for killing the lawn - I paid it immediately.

    It's now been 3 weeks, they have not shown back up, have not called and have not returned any of my calls. When I called their sales office I was told they may be having "equipment problems". I now have an upscale home surrounded by dead grass and green weeds and no idea if or when these guys plan to finish their work. Obviously they will not be allowed back on my property.

    My question is how do I find a lawn care company that does good work and shows up when promised? I have a company that shows up, but does shoddy work and a company that does good work, but is so busy they won't show up when promised. I'm not looking for a bargain, I want a nice lawn and good service and I don't mind paying for either. I don't nit-pick the work, I always pay immediately, keep my lawn picked up and don't have any pets that would leave presents for the lawn care company. I would think I would be an ideal customer, yet I can't find good service. Any suggestions for doing so would be appreciated.
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    The best way to find a lawn company would be to go off a referral if you could. Is there anyone you know that is currently getting their lawn serviced, and who is really happy with the lawn company? If not, then you need to try your best to weed out the 'duds'.
    This is just a generalization here, this is not meant to offend anyone on this forum. I say look for a company that is not too big and who has spread themselves too thin. Sometimes when they have too many employees, they can become careless, and they don't have a lot of extra time to dedicate to the small details.
    However a lot of part time guys around where we live, are too busy with their full time job to be dependable. They show up when they want, hurry and rush to get the lawn cut, usually doing a sloppy job.
    Look for someone that is middle of the road. Someone who does this full time, someone who relies on their lawn business to support their family. More often than not, this type of company is going to care about their customers and be dependable, because they realize the customer is important in putting food on their families table.
    Good luck,
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    I have to agree with Jodi. Maybe there is a reputable member of who operates in Nashville (is it TN?) who you can contact for the correct advise and professional service. From what I read from the LCO's here on LS I can recommend almost all of them.
    Good luck
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    too bad i don't live there, you could have me. then you'd have a lawn you could be proud of.what's a few beer cans to clean up each week? nothing comes without a price. how bout try this: drive around to other nice areas by you, look at the homes, when you see a few lawns that really look great, knock on the door and ask them who they use.
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    He said he wanted good service, not a man with a shovel. :p

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