How do I go about Starting up a Lawn Business

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JShmee, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. JShmee

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    My name is J.T. and My friend and I have been maintaining lawns for some time now. We're both in the Marine Corps and part of our job description is the upkeep of the grounds around our Battalions. One day we were talking and decided we wanted to start up our own lawn business to make some extra money and hopefully get it rolling so when we get out of the Corps we already have a job lined up. What all do we need to do in order to achieve this goal? how do we go about getting funds lined up to get this started and what all licenses do we need? If anyone has advice or information or if anyone knows of any resources I can look into, please let me know. All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You and have a wonderful day.
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    As for funds, you'll want to start saving and set aside an amount every pay day, build a separate nest egg of savings for the purpose of starting a business. You'll need an absolute minimum of 5000 but more is better, do NOT use your retirement or other funds, it takes most people 2-4 years to do this, setting aside as much as possible every so often.

    Good luck
  3. JShmee

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    So about a minimum of $5000.00. What type of equipment do you recommend?
  4. WJW Lawn

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    Yea..the absolute minimum would be 5K. Equipment depends on the size of property you will target. For me--I do 1/4 and under mostly gated yards. So I use a 36" walkbehind--a Quick 36. If you are looking at 3/4-1 acre and may wanna think about a Zturn...or a large walkbehind. However...a large walker or Z already puts you at or above 5K if you get one new. Redmax, Stihl, Shindaiwa, and Echo all make good trimmers...just go to a REAL dealer--not Home Cheapo or Lowes and get a commercial unit. Same with the blower.
  5. Poncho25

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    about 5k is right on target for min. Your going to need a trailer and a good walkbehind to start, get a 36-42inch walk behind depending on the target area sizes. Try to get a used one at 1st. Insurance and Licenseing if you want to be legit. Contact your state to find out what you need to do, to be legit, incorp. Come up with a company name, tho once you get started those details can be done. I myself got all the headach stuff done 1st, insurance, incorp. Licenseing, Trailer, equiptment and saved the bulk for marketing! I advertised extreamly heavy when I 1st started last year, and I took everything that came my way (mostly to just get some money in the comapany) Now I am starting to be alot more picker and choosing my clients based on the route I want to set. GL and use the hell out of these forums, there is alot of well experienced people on here willing to help!! whoooooraahhh:usflag:
  6. Liquidfast

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    I understand your question. I am not trying to deter you but at this stage, I would SERIOUSLY and I mean S E R I O U S L Y consider something else (maybe roofing).

    I am in Canada so it's not like I am worried about competition but becoming a LCO is hard to do. I know there are people out there that say its a great part time gig but if I were to consider doing this now, like today, I wouldn't. EVERYONE with a 4x4 is cutting grass now. The new guys are charging ridiculously low rates and basically working for free because they have no idea of their overhead etc.

    Anyhow....its all good
  7. deathdealer187

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    Well I’m J.T.'s partner in Crime. We've been thinking about this for a few years. I am considering doing this now do to the large growth of the Beaufort area. In the last year I have seen at least five new developments go up and three gated communities. It’s a good time to start one here with all the new construction. I only worry about the amount of competitors we have in the area.
  8. deathdealer187

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    ROOFING??! hell its gets upper 90's in the summer and atleast 130 on top of a roof. I would do roofing as a last resort, but not my first choice.
  9. CutsForLess

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    My bit of advice would do not finance anything. I see people come and go around here and it is because they get in over their heads, if you cant pay cash dont get it. Every year I see new people mowing and some of the ones who have been around a couple seasons gone. I am small operation and I have over $20,000 tied up, but it all belongs to me, if I had to make payments on that plus a truck I would be in a world of trouble. If you have to start small do that rather than borrow money.

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