How do I grow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CSRA Landscaping, Apr 10, 2001.

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    Alright folks, I'm new in town. My biz has only been around since July of 2000 and I was in a field totally unrelated before. So, here's where I'm at and I need some help from you all:
    I'm a one-man operation, married with one daughter and another on the way, so I have to figure out what the best way to grow my biz is. I currently have three townhouse communities that we're living on and can't afford to lose any of them. I've been trying to break into the commercial side of things, with limited success so far. I know that what I charge isn't enough, I was reading a posting by lawnboy82, I think it was, that read that some things of his were in the millions?? I'm lucky to be in the thousands! So, what do I do? Private messages are fine, if you don't want the whole world to see your methods. Thanks in advance folks. God bless.
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    probably john allin would be the best guy to talk to about this. however if you wanna grow just talk to people. i bid that condo place at 125,000 plus tax and i did that by working for a guy there and he gave me some names. others i get through knowing a tree guy, others i get from advertising, and just being out there. that is the best way to do it. i dont put any signs on my truck, just go an do the work. then when you are talking to the customer ask them if they have any friends who need work done. be a good person and that helps too. if you do little odds and ends for your customers every now and again it pays off. i have done that for several customers and it pays off at the end.
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    I know that you're right about little odds and ends for the customers paying off in the end, I have one lady that's constantly trying to help me out, and some pans out. I'm afraid I don't know who John Allin is. I must admit, I hadn't thought of the bit of asking for referrals, even though I know that's as basic as can be. Tell me, what would you guess the percentage is of the folks and businesses that you go to that actually end up being customers of yours? I'm finding mine to be frightfully low, even though that doesn't deter me.
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    Usually a referral is next to a sure deal as long as your price is with in reason. You can bet the person that referred you has told the new prospect what they are paying. They are asking you to do this, not the other way around, so the odds of getting it is good.
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    If you have a "Val-pack" or any other other coupon type mail out service, check with them about an ad. I found that for $295, I could have an ad mailed to 10,000 people in a certain income bracket. My coupon read "Summer Savings - $100 off an annual contract". Something about that $100 sparked a nice amount of interest. I booked several annual contracts off 1 ad. And the calls continued for weeks after the ad ran. You'll have people call who are not interested in a contract, and thats fine too. The neat thing was that the owners of this mailing service let me trade the $295 for service to their yard!
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    I've got three words for you....

    NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!! It's not about WHO you know, it's about who knows YOU!!!

    Get your name out to as many people you can. Try networking groups in you city, make newsletters, ask for referrals from your current customers. Offer something unique to your customers that nobody else in your business in your city can offer. It's a start??? Hope this helps.
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    I've already had about 40% increase this year. NONE has been from advertising. All of it has been word of mouth and doing jobs and people seeing the work and getting me to give them a price. It sure is nice to grow from your quality!
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    Indeed, quality is a must, I find. Esp. in this area where every tom dick and harry has a mower and will gladly slap it on the back of a truck for way less. Of course, the quality is usually proportional to the decrease in price ...
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