How Do I hire a crew??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dingojoe, May 6, 2008.

  1. Dingojoe

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    Ok, I need some advice. I'm a solo operator right now working part time however I would like to hire at least one or two other people to work my business will I'm working at my full time gig. I have the trailer and equipment that could keep two people busy on the job sites but I don't have an extra vehicle that the two man crew would need for transportation.
    My question is what are the steps and the process that I need to take to:
    1. Hire responsible and dependable people.
    2. Pay those responsible dependable people.
    3. Do I get the jobs first or the crew first?
    4. Do they or should they provide their own transport and gas?

    I know I'll have to get workmans comp for any employees that I hire so I know that up front but what other pitfalls should I be looking at?
  2. All_Toro_4ME

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    Employees will beat the hell out of your equipment. You can obtain them through a staffing agency, or advertise for them. Do your background checks. Number your equipment and have each employee only use the numbered piece of equipment that he has been assigned too. Have a foreman on the crew to ensure that this is taking place. I would focus on getting the accts first. This time of year, there seems to be a lot of tire kickers for lawn service, so it may take a while to build up enough accounts to justify having a crew.
  3. Dingojoe

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    Great thanks! Right now I have about all I can handle as far as accounts go..maybe I'll hire one guy to help me while I'm on the job site working it part time. That should mitigate some cost of hiring a foreman at least for now.
  4. DavidR

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    I would hope that in your one employee you would be looking for someone that can be a foreman. It would make sense that you would work with this employee some in order to guage his ability to keep a standard set by you.
  5. put an ad on craigslist. I put an ad for a part time job and got 15 emails and 5 phone calls within an hour after it posted.
  6. milkie62

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    This field is the hardest to get decent help because mostly it is unskilled labor.School dropouts,losers,drunks etc.If you can hire a middle aged guy for $8-10 bucks an hour something is wrong with him.Anybody with a head on his shoulders could be working at Lowe's or Home Depot for at least that if not a little more and have a steady job with benefits.It just seems like unless you can get some big commercial accts with yearly resignup it is probably better to be solo and do away with all the associated extra expenses involved.Seems like you should beable to higher a friend or a friends kid when needed and be farther ahead.Keep the Mexicans south of the border too !!!! Just remember and I am talking about MOWING only,not spraying,hardscaping ,skidsteer work etc-----a MONKEY can be taught.But you CANNOT train a monkey to troubleshoot a furnace problem,an electrical problem,or a transmission problem.
  7. Dingojoe

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    Thanks guys I appreciate the input...I plan on keeping the Mexicans south of the boarder...I'm a full service US born company.

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