How do I juggle two full time jobs???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mustang mike 93, Jan 6, 2008.

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    First off let me say this is a great site I lurk here all of the time. Now I need some serious help so I figured I might as well jump in. I am full time Military and I work Mon-Thurs 10 hours a day. When this schedule change happened I decided to start mowing yards on Fridays since my wife was at work and the kids were at school. Anyhow I used a pushmower at first until I had enough money to buy a bigger mower. Now I am a lot busier than I could ever imagine. I have roughly 70 personal yards that I service along with four apartment complexes and very nice restarunts. In addition I maintain 12-15 foreslosure properties a month and mow for a large rental company that has over 200 rental properties that can become vacant on a moments notice. The rental company has also given me there office along with the 20 duplexes they own. I have now hired on two full time employees that average roughly 65 hours per week YEAR round. I also have two military guys that are always there as well working 40 hours per week. These guys are the greatest I could not ask for two better guys. Now the property owners of one of the local apartments is imppressed with our work they gave us there properties in two town roughly 60 miles from the local area. It consists of seven apartment complexes along with 8 smaller commercial properties and their two personal houses that are 6 acres each ( they look like show houses ). I have 5 ZTR mowers and enough stick equipment to maintain 2-3 crews but what is my next step? I can't be everywhere all of the time and I know that my guys are already getting too many hours. I guess the big question is... do I slow it down or do I let it keep building to when I retire from the military in six years I have a business that I can fall into. I TRULY love yard maintenance I would do it everyday if it was not for the retirement benefits the military will be giving me. Sorry to ramble but I am in a bind.
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    It sounds to me like you're unaware of the cost of doing business, not sure what it is but something is very wrong here.
  3. mustang mike 93

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    I don't understand.
  4. racer56

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    Here is the deal. Either you have built this p over a longer period of time than I'm understanding or you folks are working WAY TOO CHEAP. I hope I have the length of time wrong. Not trying to bring you down as I hope you are doing well but like topsites is saying something isn't right here. Just don't say I'm going to mow one day and the next have 2 full time gys, 70 res. accounts and alot of commercial stuff as well. Plus all the while work full time. How long have you been doing this?
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    This is my 4th year in the business. I work everyday along with my full time guys. I also have two military guys that work 40 plus hours a week as well. I work at 3 pm on base and my full timers go until they get done. So I mow from sun up until 2 pm when I have to get ready for work. My military guys both work midnights getting off at 7:30 am and then coming to work until around 3 pm when they go home for some sleep. They have done this for a few years and have voluteered to do this. I give them any time they want off. On Fridays and Saturdays we work till the sun goes down.
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    As a military vet, I know what you are going through, I juggled 2 jobs myself while serving my country. After working in the civilian world I soon realized the military pay/benifites were not that great compare to the sacrifice we made everyday. My question to you is this"is giving up a full time lawn business and the tons of $$$ you could potentially make worth the military benifits...the most important thing I took form the military when I got out was the great memories that I will never forget, which I could not put a $$$ value on.....It's a tough decision.....Good Luck to you and all the other current of prior military people out there!!!!!
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    If you're working all those hrs, when do you have time for your wife? Or do you? Why dont you ask her how she feels if you need to grow more, or be there with her. Dont let the money blind you, I say slow it down and raise your prices to reduce your volume. You're growing too fast.
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    Yep, raise your prices. The good customers will stick with you and you will end up working less and making the same money. This way you, and your guys, won't get burned out so you will still have the enthusiasm when you retire from the military.
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    I agree about raising your prices. I struggle with that myself. Last year I maintained 30 lawns, had another part time job and full-time college classes. I know what you mean about juggling, but you just have to make your own priorities and do whats right for you.

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