How do I kill moss in a lawn?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NC'00'TJ, Aug 2, 2004.

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    Hey folks,
    I need some help. I am a new homeowner and the folks before me put in some moss as a lawn border. well now its growing into the lawn and choking it out.

    How can I kill the lawn without killing the lawn?

    Should i aerate to get rid of excess moisture, or am i out in left field on that one?

    thanks for your help!!!!!!!!

  2. Rtom45

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    If you can find a supplier for ferrous sulfate - granular, apply as you would fertilizer.
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    Moss is common in the UK thanks to the rain we have. We typically treat it with Lawn Sand' that has ferrous sulphate mixed in with the 'sand'. My lawn is sufering with it at the moment. You can use a combination Weed and Feed that will kill the moss but of course it will also green up the lawn. In the height of summer it is probably not a good time to do this unless your grass gets well watered. Feed and Weed and dry grass do not go well together.

    The Lawn Sand will kill the moss but it does go a brown/black colour! Once dead rake it all out or use a scarifier. This will make your lawn look patchy (as mine does now) but the grass should start coming back after a while. I am hoping that the creeping fescue in my grass blend lives up to its name!

    In the autumn (fall) i will top dress the lawn (sand/soil mix) to fill in any uneveness and feed it. The i will then core aerate. I have heard of 'over seeding' the lawn to help the repair but have not tried it myself - but it does make sense. I am hoping that by next spring my lawn will have recovered.

    Hope this helps

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    The best thing to do is rake it out and sod over the area. You can also seed but sod will keep the moss from coming back being instant lawn with good roots and all.

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