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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Bull, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Bull

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    Irrigation guys, I was doing a mulch install for a guy last week and I hit a head with the bed edger. Of course this tore it all to pieces. The homeowner had them all flagged but this one got missed. It is positioned in the corner of the front lawn and I am thinking that it is supposed to throw a 45 degree pattern but I am not sure. How do I tell what head I should purchase to replace it with. I do not do irrigation and I am only slightly familiar with it however I have noticed on four different jobs this season that the original installer placed the heads right in the transition zone from grass to the beds. Is this normal positioning as it creates problems when trying to edge a bed? We live in a small area and only have one guy that really advertises irrigation. I think he may have done all of these original installs and maybe that is just his method. I have tried calling him to get the head replaced but he will not return a call. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Guthrie&Co

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    i would take the head to my local dealer and they would know for sure which one it is. they should come with various spray nozzles so it would be a matter of installing the new head and turning the water on and checking you pattern to see if you needed to change the nozzle.
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    my first thought would be what you've already done, try to get someone who does irrigation to replace it. Did you ask the homeowner to make the call and offer to pay or take the irrigation bill off the invoice? If none of these gets your customer where you want them, then I would suggest to you that you find another head on the same zone and see what type of head it is. If the install is a decent one, the heads of a given zone should all be the same type. Then do your best to match it for your replacement. If the nozzle needs to be different, and you can get the replacement from a sprinkler supply house, they can help you get the right nozzle for your new head if you take them an old one w/ a nozzle and tell them what coverage that head should be providing.
    Good Luck.
  4. Flatbed

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    Not to be rude to a customer, but if it wasn't marked you shouldn't be responsible anyway.
  5. JeffY

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    It's common to install heads right next to the bed edge. We try to leave about 2 inches between the head and the edge so the head is surrounded by dirt on all sides to keep it stable. Problem is, the person using the bed edger the following years will not know exactly where that bed edge was and thus hit a head. We've replaced several heads this year from landscape crews shredding a head before instituting flagging all the heads first before edging.
  6. JimLewis

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    I am assuming you're referring to a standard 4" pop-up head?

    If you're concerned about which angle the nozzle was set at then just get yourself an adjustable nozzle. Rainbird makes the best one. It's called a VAN. Stands for Variable Adjustable Nozzle. The VAN will fit any Rainbird or Toro pop-up head. Find a local irrigation supply store, buy a new head and a VAN nozzle, and have them show you how they all work and how to install it and adjust it.
  7. JimLewis

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    p.s. if there isn't anyone in your area who is really good at irrigation - um - BIG HINT THERE!!!! Maybe you should start studdying and become the biggest irrigation contractor in your town. It's really not as hard to learn as it seems. I remember several years ago that irrigation seemed totally foreign to me and I swore I'd never get into it.

    Over time, and a lot of studying, I learned the irrigation business and nowadays we install 50 or so systems each year and do tons of irrigation repair. It really wasn't as hard to learn as I thought. Just takes some time and experience. But if there aren't any good irrigation contractors in your area - that's a BIG CLUE, man.
  8. Bull

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    Thanks Jim for the advice. I did manage to pick up a replacement head at Lowe's. Everything seems to be fine now. It would be a nice add on to my lawn care business so I may seriously consider that in the near future.
  9. Critical Care

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    Just read this thread (hey that rhymes), but to tailgate on something that my fellow Oregonian Jim Lewis mentioned... The Rainbird VAN nozzles will not work on Toro pop ups. Toro is a bit different and uses a male threaded base on their nozzles. Jim... maybe you were thinking Hunter, eh?

    By the way, United Pipe sold me 12 and 15' VANS @ $1.11 each. Hey, isn't that expensive?
  10. JimLewis

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    Ahhh!!! Did I say Toro! My bad. Sorry.

    Yes, Critical is right. Hunter is what I was thinking of.

    IMO, anything Toro is junk. If you see the word Toro, just replace the entire thing - whatever it is.

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