How do I promote more root growth?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mark_the_psycho, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. mark_the_psycho

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    I have a customer with the absolute worst grass I have ever mowed. It looks wonderful and is comletely free of weeds and crabgrass, but when i go to mow it with the zero turn, it completely falls apart. I've mowed week-old sod on a slope with more staying power than this stuff. It tears so easily, it's like there aren't any roots, even when I use a push mower, my feet rip it. Is there a miracle product out there to give this grass a stonger root system?
  2. BostonBull

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    The use of synthetic ferts, and frequent shallow watering promotes shalow root growth.

    Start using/introducing organic products and try to introduce some Myccorhazae to the lawn. Plant health Care makes a great product.
  3. Runner

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    You need some real fert. with a higher potassium...unlike all the stuff that is available at the big box stores (all they carry is basically junk....all show and no go). I can guarantee that a season of higher potassium (like 12%) and proper cultural practices will improve your stand in more ways than one.
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    Aerate the he__ out of it. LIke 12 plus holes per foot then fertilize and deep water right after. You could even put down some seed and drag it into the holes. By putting the food and water deep you will force the roots to go after them. Too much water and food on top prevent deep growth. Drought will hurt roots also. So deep water twice a week after the aeration and fert. Roots will go deeper.
  5. mark_the_psycho

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    I went to the PHC website and found what you are talking about, but I see no price or way of ordering it. How do I get some? :confused:
  6. BostonBull

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    You have to find ut who carries it locally. For the Bio Pack, 3# bag it is ust under $90 around here. But well worth it!

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