How do I set points

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I have a Lincoln continental f163.
I just rebuilt carb figured I'd set the points too.

I believe the gap is .019.
It looks like they are at about .03 now...eek!

There seems to be only one point in distributor.
The question

Do I need to find top dead center? Or if they are open then they are open? Their normal function they close then open to the gap setting???

My first time doing this.

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Look down in the distributor and there should be four lobes in there if its a 4 cylinder. turn engine till its on one of the lobes. now set the point gap to .019. If you are not using new points you can use a fingernail file to freshen them up a little before you set the gap


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Ferget TDC.
Ya need to concentrate on the point cam lobe profile.
Pull the plugs so you can turn the crank by hand/wrench.
Slowly turn till points are wide open ie: on the highest point of cam lobe. Set gap. Turn over a few times and re-check gap.
Might as well clean points before ya set gap, right. Or slap in a new set with condenser.
It would behoove ya to google up a service manual fer yer motor to double check gap spec. Gap affects timing ya know.


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But whar's the fun in that?
Then you don't get to amaze your friends by setting the gap with a matchbook/business card.
Well, if we wanted to dial in the points with precision I got just the tool to do it! Sun Engine Analyzer. This will help fine tune the dwell.