How do i stripe lawns like the big pros?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TMGL&L, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. TMGL&L

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    I'm new to the industry and I was wondering how I can stripe my lawns as well as my competition. All I mow with is two walk behind Honda HRX's and a John Deere walk behind when I have to.

    I assume I need to buy some kind of attachable roller for my mowers...Does anyone out there know what I need to get to make those perfect stripes???

    please reply soon I need help!
  2. SangerLawn

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    this is my first year mowing as a mowing company on my own. i started out with a scag walk behind then went cheap and bought a 50inch troy built. i got to searching for striping kits then found a very cheep solution to these very expensive kits...

    at first i thought the guy was a idiot lol but then i tried it. take some pvc piping and bolt it to your mower behind your wheel and away form your deck, attach a heavy floor matt to it so it drags about 3 inches on the grass. make sure it is cut out so it doesnt go under your tires in reverse.

    make sure to mow in the same tracs. light color is going away and dark color is coming to you. even if you use the cross pattern. just switch out the direction so every other week you are mowing in the same way. after about 3 weeks you will have some dark stripes!!!

    truxt me.... the floor mats work and i only spent about 30 dollars on my striping kits.
  3. topsites

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    It's more the technique than the kit, most mowers stripe on their own, the kit does help but it's the technique you'll want to check into and explore... Without technique, no stripes, kit or not.
  4. ed2hess

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    By the way I don't see TruGreen or Brinkman dragging stuff behind their mowers to stripe:hammerhead:
  5. lifetree

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    Sage advice from the wizard ... I agree !!
  6. westwind

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    True stripes are an art form!!!!
  7. aracad

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    Can you post a picture of this rig so we get a visual on how to do it please!!!! :dancing:
  8. SangerLawn

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    sorry but the pictures had to be taken with my cell phone. i will show better pics later this week but this will show the general idea. like another post says the stripes are all in technique however some mowers do not make dark stripes. if you can see my scag walk behind also sitting on my trailor, it does not have this set up on it because it makes great stripes. it wouldn't be hard to put the same kind of set up on a walk behind.:walking:

    again... all this is, is a piece of pvc pipe, two floor mats ( the heaviest rubber i could find), 8 bolts, washer, and nuts. it took about an hour to make and install.

    as you all know it is extreemly hot outside. if i think about it i will get a picture or two of some of the yards i mow with this contraption. honestly... it doesnt look like something thrown togeather, it looks pretty good on the mower.

    just so all of you know, this was not my idea. someone from this site posted it and i seen it before i joined. this idea is what got me to join. i want to thank everyone of you with years of experience that is willing to show us new guys some tricks that really help make the lawns look great!!!




  9. aracad

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    I get the jist of it now. Thanks for the quick action on the pics!
  10. topsites

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    Oh I did forget the pics, not sure if I was trying to be smart or what, but here goes:

    These are 2 separate mowers, same make and model but different year, same kit, SIMILAR materials (by the 2nd I learned a few tricks): 2&Qiv=none&Qis=M

    Ueber Cheap it wasn't, $80 for the first one, $50 for the 2nd, all Home Depot materials.
    The chain's the pricey bit, everything else is whatever, maybe $10, but the chain disturbed my enthusiasm.
    The first one I used galvanized, the 2nd one I used straight steel chain, it does rust a tiny bit over time but so does galva...
    Make SURE the links are big enough to not get caught in the grate of the trailer gate!
    Yup, bigger links = ++$, I'm telling you, the chain...

    Time: An afternoon for the first, maybe an hour the 2nd :laugh:
    Tips: Having a plan always helps, plan it out or it will take all day.

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