How do plumbers make $60-100 per hour?


central fl.
Who said the other pro's make more than we do? If you can't change a washer in the sink then you should pay something.
If you don't know how to grow grass then you should pay something.
Please list reasons. Thanks TIM


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Im in the excavation business and charge my machinery that costs $130,000 out at $90 to $100 per hour with operator that cost $18 to $20 per hour, copmare that to lawn care where your equipment cost around $6000 to $8000 and operators are $8 to $10 and you get to charge $25 to $45 per hour sounds like you have a pretty good deal to me.Its all what the market will bare.


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Mowing is maintenance.That same mow man
willget comparable money when he puts in
new landscaping which is more comparable
to your digger work.Ido respect the other
trades in fact used to be in plumbing


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The original post asked "Why do plumbers get a higher rate compared to us in the grass cutting and landscape field" Well the way I see it. You invest $25,000 for a truck, $1,600 for a trailer, $6,000 for a ztr, $4,500 for a walk behind, $250 a piece for weed trimmer,$450 for a back pak blower, so on and so forth, and the rate of return is set at $40 to $50 an hour tops, though you are performing the service various times throughout the year and a plumber that has various hand tools and van can get atleast $60 to $65, kinda sounds a little steep to me. If you ask me I think the rate should be set higher but who knows why.


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Well,want 2 cents? i don't know much about plumbimg but hot on the left cold on the right an S*** don't run up hill .but those guys stay busy as much as we do . ever see a plumber that wasn't COVERED up?I've got a client that is a plumber an from talking to him an i've did this myself an i know it doesn't take 100$$ to put in a toilet much less rebuild one!!!!those guys make some jack$$$.Well thats my 2 cents


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Plumbers can charge that because they are a licensed proffesinal. I am sure if landscapers were licensed there would be less of them and prices for landscapers would go up. Tom


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If we charged a $70 or so an hour, alot more of our customers would be mowing themselves :) It all has to do with how often they are needed too. A customer may need a plumber every couple of years. His charge doesn't stand out like our's does. We are there every week. If they needed a plumber every week, he would be fired :) Plus you don't have to mess with human waste.


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A plumber is a SKILLED TRADESMAN (or at least the ones getting $6o-$100 an hr should be). He is not generally competeing with high school/college students,firemen ,school teachers,laid off coal miners, retirees, and anyone else trying to turn an extra buck. I know that we all feel that we are skilled, but fitting pipe and installing it so that it doesn't hammer, sweating a joint in a place without burning down a house, installing a toilet that dosen't leak and ruin a floor or ceiling, is alot harder than cutting grass, I don't care how good you are. Just my thoughts.


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You guys do not get $60.00 per hour? I do! I charge $1.00 a minute for straight mowing and trimming.

I use to be happy getting $25-40 an hour depending on each job. I found that as I got busier I would go bid on a job that I really did not want. So, I would bid high, Guess what, I'd get the job. I got to a point that I finally was so well absorbed for a one man show with ocassional help. So, I cancelled service to all those that were just plain problems and began charging $60.00 an hour to all new bids. It worked.

I now work less hours per week, but make the same. I have not had one complaint call in over three years. The lack of headaches are unreal. Seems those that are willing to pay that amount do not call when I did not mow in 8 days, or I mowed in 5 instead of 7. As long as it is mowed and looks nice they leave me alone, pay the bill, and recomend me to others.


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Plumbers have to crawl under houses, deal with body excrements, know codes, and figure out a way to keep the help from standing around in the supply house drinking coffee all day. Just like what we do, it's worth whatever they can get. Unlike what we do, not everyone can do it. Where the bucks really are is in HVAc work. The Co. my wife just left bills at $135/hr flat rate. The technicians get as much as $18/hr. Almost makes me want to go back to school.