How do the manufactures get away with this crap, I'd be fired

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DynaMow, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Carlisle Turf Saver tires last me 1 year. That has been approx 1000 hrs is all. Now I do not know how many miles that is as my mower does not have an odometer.

    Well first off they are as expensive as a cheap 13" car tire that would get maybe 40,000 miles on asphalt, concrete, gravel, and dirt. I'm guessing I traveled 400 miles on grass or soil and maybe 30 miles on concrete and asphalt.
    So what gives? This is the best they can do? I just don't get it.

    My conclusion is that it doesn't effect the homeowner. As for us 1 year is equal to a lifetime for the homeowners lawn tractor units.

    Not really a money issue for me, you know whats $70 a year. Its more of a inferior product issue. But also if I can save $70 a year on other products to it certainly would add up to substantial savings.

    Oh yeah if you get longer life out of your tires, please tell me what I am doing wrong.
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    I hear ya .... best I can say is keep the air pressure at tire rating or less ... in the rear tires on Dixie their at like on 10 psi but on the Walker rears they are at 20 psi .... as far as front tires I have solids on all my mowers

    Also try to remember that car tires have strict state & fed spec's they must meet ...n fore the most part a radial is gonna beat any tubless 4 ply .... I run 7 pys on my work trucks n they ain't cheap but they take a beating ....but no way do I EVER get what the tires are suppose to get .... they may say 40k but if I get 15-20k that good .... after all my miles are city miles not highway n I bet those 40K tires are highway miles

    1000 hrs in a year is good busy work.... things gotta be good ....down here I average that per mower but we are cutting 42 weeks yearly .... anywho think if your average speed is say 4 miles per hour .... that's 4000 miles per year ....n that pavement riding is a tire killer

    But your right .... the smaller tires just don't have anything going against car tires ...but I imagine that there are millions times more car tires made per year than smaller mower tires and the producer has a economy of scale advantage ....long production runs reduces the overall price of the product
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    I think 1000 hours is pretty good considering the way they're used. Constantly twisting this way and that. Only the front tires on a car do that at startup speeds. I try to be aware when I'm turning on asphalt or concrete for sure but, sometimes it's unavoidable.
  5. ed2hess

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    I feel the same way about the Carlisle trailer tires they don't last more than a couple years and maybe 6000 miles. The price on them has gone up to $80.
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    Just put Carlisle trailer tires on the trailer and since balancing was free I said go ahead an balance them also. Any way I have enough lead around the wheels to make a good cannon ball if I melted it down. That tells you alot about the quality of the tire.
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    The Turf Savers are available in 2 ply and 4 ply? Which ones are you using? Why not try the Turf Masters instead?

    Are you wearing the tread off of them or what?
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    I've got mowers with 2000+ hours that still have the original tires. You just have to be carfull and not turn on pavement.
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    I totally agree!
  10. quiet

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    I totally agree!

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