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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DSLND, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. DSLND

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    Ok heres the 411, im making a landscaping portfolio to show to future customers and i am also getting prices on all my mulches, rocks, and bricks. Ok heres what I have...

    Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch- Purchased $30.00/Cubic Yard - Installed $50.00/Cubic Yard

    Shredded Gold, Red, Or Brown- Purchased: $39.00/Cubic Yard - Installed $60.00/Cubic Yard

    Trap Rock- Purchased $79.00/Ton - Installed $160.00/Ton

    Marimach Rock- Purchased $69.00/Ton - Installed $150.00/Ton

    River Rock -
    1.0in- Purchased $35.00/Ton - Installed $70.00/Ton
    1.5in- Purchased $39.00/Ton - Installed $80.00/Ton

    Too High To Low? Some High Some Low? I think a ton is a lot! Or is one ton littler than i am thinking? Got any pics?
    Please Help!!


  2. tthomass

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    if mulch is $30/yrd I would charge at least $60yrd installed + delivery.........I know a lot of people get as high as $90yrd installed

    stone...........stone is heavier, more work and not as easy..............if at $80 ton I would charge about $180......little more than double

    basic x2 really + gas etc
  3. DSLND

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    Thanks For The Quick Reply! How Much Is 1 Ton (Back of 8ft truck, 350/3500 dump truck) I would not be able to deliver the 1 ton materials but i talked to a lady @ my supply yard and she said they charge $25.00 for delivery so thats what i would have to do. Thanks Again! -Mitch-
  4. Duck Dodger

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    I never pay more than 15$ per yard for anything and we charge 60-80$ per depending upon shrubs slope and such. Don't try to set a standard rate you'll screww youself puting out a yard in wide open verse around flowers and shrubbs you could take 5-6 times as long.
  5. DSLND

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    O yea ive had that happen before! It Sucked! When i say $60.00 Cubic yard im hoping to take one hour and that it be fairly easy, say i had to do a planter with some bushes and it would take me more than an hour then i would say proboably 65-75 cubic yard. But im just getting ball park prices but im really glad u brought that up! Thanks, -Mitch-
  6. BSDeality

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    installing mulch for $20-21/yd???

    Good luck going broke in the poor house witha busted back.
  7. lawnchick17

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    Mulch i usually go cost x 2.75, Rock on the other hand is minimum cost x 3 per CY, with nothing under a bill! and that is just to dump into the front yard, want it in the backyard? Try cost x 4 to 6!
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    I get tripple ground root mulch (right dress) for $19 a yard. For easier installs, I charge $65 a yard. If its a more time consuming install, I charge as much as $85 per yard. Dyed mulch is $22 a yard and I usually hold up the same prices for install but the minimum is $65 per yard and that is on wide open areas. JMO
  9. Markf

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    How much do you pay for dyed mulch and where do you get it? By the way, where are you located?
  10. DSLND

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    Thanks Alot For The replys!!!

    OK ive changed some things around after doing some math.

    -Mulch Prices:
    -Double Shredded Hard Mulch- $30.00/Cubic Yard $70.00/Installed
    -Shredded Gold, Red, or Brown - $39.00/Cubic Yard $80.00/Installed

    -Rock Prices:
    -Trap Rock (Charcoal/Purple) - $79.00/Ton $160.00/Installed
    -Marimach (Tan) -$69.00/Ton- $150.00/Installed
    -River Rock-
    -1.0in - $35.00/Ton $145.00/Installed
    -1.5in - $39.00/Ton $130.00/Installed

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