how do u deal with stresses in your life while on the job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I always found it helps to talk about your stresses of life with someone your close to. I've had my share the past 10 months.
    4 knee surgeries, 1 of which was a complete knee replacement, gall bladder surgery, dad died 01 July 2013, grandmother died 4 wks latter (she was 100), my wife has new owners where she works and looks like they want to get rid of the original employees, my mother and step dad are moving 6 miles from us so we can help take care of them. I'll be flying out to southern California 20 Oct to pack their stuff and driving them back to Ga.
    I just discovered a tumor on my left rib cage that will have to be removed. Follow up with orthopedic doc end of this
    mth for complete left knee replacement in Dec. Have to report for jury duty 21 Oct. Have migraine HA 2- 3 times a week. The good thing is I have a wonderful wife of 18 yrs and have been busier than ever this yr. So not much time to worry.
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  2. weeze

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    it's ok man. you can cry while mowing. noone can see since you are wearing sunglass/protective glasses.
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    Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time... To be honest, I think we (landscapers/mowers/green industry guys) are lucky to be outside and for the most part free moving all day.. I know that for me, when I am super stressed because of life, I would much rather be dealing with it outside on my mower rather than in a cubicle or sitting at a check out counter or doing any number of other jobs out there... And boy, is losing a dog the hardest thing or what? It's because a dog's love is completely 100% unconditional... No drama, no B.S, no looking for something in return for their never ending love... Believe me, I love my family, my parents, my wife, more than anything but nobody... NOBODY has ever met me at the door every single day completely excited to see me and love me and lick my face... HaHa
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    This thread is reading like a Country song! We have dogs that have died and girls that have left. Anybody play the guitar as I think we could have a number one hit on our hands!
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    Honestly man running has helped me through some rough times. When I start getting snappy and in a crappy mood I'll go out for a nice jog on a local track. Mowing helps me clear my mind as well but like you say sometimes you don't feel like mowing so That's when I hit the road jack. Put my iPod in and go to town. Run till I can barely move, take a break and run some mo. Sleep good that night and the next day I usually feel better. hope everything gets better big dog.

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    Work harder. Works for me although I think I sometimes hide at work.
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  7. larryinalabama

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    You fellers must be young, I cant jog or excrsize after a days work.
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    Quit posting your troubles to a bunch of grass morons;-) Focus on doing your work, and try to get out of your current routine after work. Whatever your doing, do something different.

    Enroll in a college course (good place to meet quality women).

    Find some time to do the things you enjoy, especially if you haven't been doing them due to the X.
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    I like to get on the mower and just mow away. Listen to music. I forget what's going on around me. At times I'll try to make some crazy stripes.

    But this is me. I'm sure everyone has a different approach.
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  10. Groomer

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    keep the cooler well stocked and iced.

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