how do u guys make 6 figures?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by The Curious Porpoise, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. The Curious Porpoise

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    hello all, i am very excited in what next year hold for me, as this (my first year in the business) has been very exciting and encouraging to me.

    i have read several times on this site, and have heard from local people that making 6 figures in this business is not uncommon. I NEED TO KNOW, how r u guys doing this??? i'm not saying i don't believe u, in fact i really do believe u, because i saw how much success i've had these last 3 or 4 months just starting out, and now i want a piece of this 6 figure action. I live in a densely populated and fairly affluent area, so i think i have just as good of an opportunity to do this and does anybody else. i'm already learning a ton about this business, and have an unsatiable appetite to learn more--hey, they don't call me 'The Curious Porpoise' for nothin'. but seriously tell me what kind of clientelle i need to reach out to and what kind of business tactics/techniques i can employ to up my profit (i'm sorry, i don't mean to be so broad about my questions, i just mean sum it all up into a sentence or two that will aid me, like the best piece of advice that will help meet this '6-figure' goal).
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    First off, I will tell you that I do not make in the 6 figure range and this is just mostly my opinions through research and personal/business goals. Get into some of the higher profit margin services like overseeding, aerating, landscaping and chem apps. I wish I would have gone into chem apps right from the get go. You can make good money at mowing, but it has probably the least profit margin and is also the most comeptitive services in this industry. I doubt many make the 6 figure mark mowing solo, but add those other services and it shouldn't be too hard. Through my research I think one man could gross around $150,000 in chem apps with about $36,000 in product expenses (chemical & fertilizer). The downside that it would take a client base of around 600 to reach this goal. In my area I think one man could make around $60,000-$70,000 mowing. Do some research on this site and other sites, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips!
  3. rodfather

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    6 figures? It's called "doing it with employees" is how...and that is the ONLY way.

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    "MAKE" 6???? What do you mean by that.
    Words to keep in mind---profit---overhead---costs---labor---gross---net---job---business---pay yourself---investment for growth.

    While a solo can work like a fool all summer and "bring in" six figures, they are not "making" that.
    Rod is right in needing people but people will be the biggest headache-biggest blessing.
    The simple answer is "BUSINESS". It is what you need to know about, and how to run. It is how you must think.
    Create a Business not a job. Build the right plan/practices and than plug in the RIGHT people and duplicate.
    Within a few years with the right investment (time -talent -equipment -effort) into your business you should get there.

    Good luck, But why 6??? Do 7 and really be happy
  5. bobbygedd

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    where in jersey are you?
  6. Varsity L&G

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    He is your neighbor!
  7. Fantasy Lawns

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    Key of running a good business ( as well as a successful business )

    Be Organized & Professional ==> Look this way & Act this way ...... Always

    Get Educated in the Field as well as Understand Foundations of Business Management .... Cash Flow is KING

    Treat those around as YOU as You wish them to treat YOU .... this includes Customers, Vendor's & Employees

    Don't Grow too Big too Fast

    Do what you say your gonna do & when you'll do it

    Make the sacrifices one must make to be the Top Dog in your Pound .... as the owner YOU must make the decisions, push the direction & motivate others

    Soooo much more but this is a good start

    And as already been said ==> Employees
  8. LwnmwrMan22

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    It's taken 17 years to get the right customers.

    Now while I gross $130k+ solo, I don't "MAKE" $130k.

    My net profit is around $50-60k, depending on what I have for tax purposes that year.

    Now I could fairly easily increase that net by $10-15k, by not driving a 2005 Dodge and not having a 2003 Dodge 2500 as a backup, but it's the choice I make.

    If I'm going to work everyday for 6.5 months, with about 6 days of rain, I can't be stuck with my truck in the shop.

    Then I basically sit around for the other 5.5 months, working bout 15 days for plowing. Again, I can't be sitting around with a truck in the shop.

    I know I could get by with a early 90's truck as a backup, but ...... that's another post for another time.
  9. topsites

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    The ONLY other way I see it is with the kind of Land/Hardscaping involving the use of 20 to 30 thousand dollar machines such as excavators, loaders, and the like. I must admit, I LOVE the little ditchwitch Mx 9 Mini-ex omg that thing is so sweet I want to cry but you guessed it - $35k for a new one (or thereabouts). Things such as installing irrigation systems, porches and decks is bad-azz chaching as well.

    That, and snow removal... All of which could be called earth movers, basically.
    BIG dumptrucks, treework are some other considerations - RISK and the SIZE and ABILITY of the equipment has a lot to do with the $ / hour / man.
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    hes going to run you out of biz bobby. lol. hire him to operate a franchise for you bobby.

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