How do u limit grass stains on concrete

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Today we mow this brand new home, first mow on new sod. We used push mowers and it was a bit wet. Well, that wet grass seemed to glue itself rite to the white sidewalk and was a real pain to clean it off, plus the tires tracked grass and stained it as well. Even the back pack couldnt get it off so I think we will start carrying a broom for such conditions. What do u do? Does anyone use an Echo power broom?
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    Here's the cut/paste:
    Here's a little tip that will help any landscaper or homeowner. Often times after mowing grass will adhere itself to the concrete, staining it green until washed or heavy rains. To avoid this, simply wet down the concrete before mowing. Because it takes a little extra time, and a hose, landscapers typically don't do this, and will instead have someone on blower during the mow to blow clippings right off the concrete. But if your customer has a hose handy, go ahead and spray down the concrete first. They'll be glad you did!
  3. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Not a bad idea, thanks jimmdenver :waving:
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    I personally just clean up with the blower like normal, and dont worry about the stains. They are usually gone in a day or two, and I have never had anybody complain. Technically, it's an Act of God anyway, so the contract excludes me from liability :)

    I'm not going to pull out their garden hose and spray (and keep spraying, in hot weather) their concrete while mowing. And Im not going to carry my own hose for such occasion either. And I'm not going to have a guy lollygaggin on a blower the whole time I'm cutting either. Sorry, just not practical from a business perspective unless some addition charge was involved for all the extra labor.

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    I have had this problem recently after I put a mulch kit on. I just got a $10 stiff bristle broom and scrap it off and blow whats left. It doesn't get it completely but it makes it a lot better. This way too if the customer complains you can say your are doing extra just to cleam up.
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    Stay off the concrete with the tires and it won't be a problem. I hate when I see green tire tracks on a driveway or sidewalk from running over them in wet conditions. That's what the trim side of the deck is for.(yes, it's a pet peeve of mine)
  7. Drew Gemma

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    yeah I hear you but you need to go from devil strip to lawn to other devil strip other side of drive then off the lawn on the the trailer. so at a min your gonna have 2 sets of tracks most likely 3.
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    Spring and fall always have a problem with grass staining. This is just part of the business. when the dew is up or sprinklers on there will be a stain from the tires. Only way to keep if from hapening is to only mow when dry. Period. You can blow and use a broom but untill you actully pull out the power washer it will be there for at least a day.
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    I have NEVER had a problem staining concrete with grass clippings if I don't run over the clippings with the mower.

    what an I doing wrong?

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    go to home depot and get a wire brush that has a hole to screw in a broom handle.

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