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How do ya deal with the excess grease from the weap holes?


LawnSite Senior Member
What a messy job it is topping up the grease in the HOC shafts, castor wheels etc! I'm just wondering how youz deal with the overflow and are you a 1 or 2 pump man or a pump it in till ya can see new grease coming out the weap holes man.

I've been going through rags like theres no tomorow and It just makes me think.......There gota be a far less messy way to preform this type of maintanece.



LawnSite Fanatic
I usually go until you hear a pop or snap


LawnSite Bronze Member
I grease until I see it coming out. Grab a shop towel and wipe off the excess. Messy, but I KNOW it is greased thoroughly.


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
I grease until it comes out, then wipe it up with a rag.When I'm riding a WB on the velke after a grease job, sometimes I have grease up my shins from excess grease flying up off the knuckle or off the axle fittings.Sucks, but at least I know its well lubed.


LawnSite Senior Member
greenwich ct
I have a cut soda can and i take a painets tool and put it in there the just spryy a lil geas off and wash em down