How do you advertise?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kawasaki guy, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. zackvbra

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    my signs on my trailer, door hangers, newspaper ad, yellow pages, craigslist. the most effective way I found is to "knock, knock, knock" and "sell, sell, sell". it doesnt really matter how popular the internet is, people really seem to respond well to face-to-face interaction.
  2. cpllawncare

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    Use the Internet to get you in the door then it's up to YOU to sell the jobs. Google adwords work great as does angies list, in conjuction with a website, use the website to show off your work.
  3. Isenberg Lawn Care

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    Amazing how far word of mouth gets your company growing. Focus on the job at hand and the rest will come.
  4. jonthepain

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    I pay a web guy. He's also a client of mine so it works out pretty good.

    google 'organic lawn care raleigh' and similar keywords and neighboring towns, and I should come up.

    yeah i forgot that, i also put up a craiglist ad every fall

    it brings in several new customers whenever I run it.
  5. cpllawncare

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    Craig's list is junk don't waste your time! every lowballer in the city is on there, as is the customer list, don't compete on price!
  6. rbljack

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    I think this is what worked for me also. I focus on doing a quality job, and over time, word of mouth has brought me more customers. Referrals is always a great way to get new customers because someone has already spoke on your behalf to help "sell" the job.

    Strong form of advertising. Also, while doing a yard, I always make a point to wave to neighbors, or start a conversation if they are out. Ive picked up a few other customers this way...and the bonus is less travel. At one point I had 4 residential customers that were all grouped together. Make for less travel time and more cash.

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    I got a call for a craigslist shopper yesterday- needed leaves blown.. I was finishing a job when they called, i returned the call literally 44 minutes later exact and the person had found someone, its almost a crap shoot around here (south jersey) Like you said all lowballers and addicts- sucks to say:cry: There are good people on there too though!
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  8. jonthepain

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    yes i've heard that craigslist sucks many times, and only lowballers use it, and that only price shoppers and tire kickers call you.

    yes i've had lots of tire kickers and cheapskates call me off of my craigslist ads, but it's usually pretty easy to weed them out over the phone.

    and i am no low baller - quite the contrary.

    i only run an ad a couple of times in the fall, and it always brings in a few grand for us.

    i reposted my last ad (which ran on sept 9) in case you all were interested.

    it's not your typical lowballer all-caps ad lol.
  9. tonygreek

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    No offense guys, but if you utilize Craig's List correctly, not only is it not a waste of time, but it can be a lucrative lead gen tool that filters out the price shoppers before they get to you. Definitely isn't a lowballers-only tool. In fact, if only lowballers are on there, seems an even easier way to attract customers by establishing yourself as a professional company.
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  10. jonthepain

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    that's exactly what i've been trying to do. thanks, tony.

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