How do you advertise?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kawasaki guy, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I haven't seen any ads of that stature on there, including mine, I am always looking at new and better ways to advertise, I applaud you for creating a professional looking ad, I agree that it would make a huge difference in the level of client. I placed several ads on there when I first started and received junk calls by the dozen, people wanting $25 and under service, which is not my level of service, but admitely my ad was of low quality. Also, I think you have to pay to put ads on there that stay, They said I could only put one ad every so often on there for free and it only stayed on there for 24hrs then it was gone, not sure about this. Anyway, good job! you guys look like your doing a good business. I'll have to check into CL again.
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    thanks, cpl.

    i want the ad to not only weed out people looking for a bargain, but to pre-sell those who are a good match for our services.

    same with the web site.

    i'd rather be an order taker than a salesman.
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    thanks for the replies! keep them coming!
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    I run a newspaper ad in the spring for 6 to 8 weeks for cleanups, mowing and mulching and then usually one in the fall for leaf cleanups and plowing. I didn't run the fall one this year. A lot of my work comes from referrals from customers and neighbors passing by. I'm not really trying to grow my business or I would advertise more. I had pretty good luck selling firewood on CL but that's all I've used it for...for the business anyway.

    P.S. - I used to run a Yellow Pages ad but cancelled that last year due to cost and lack of response from it.
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  5. cpllawncare

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    That's right! same here! that's why we went to full service instead of mow n go, less competition and higher margins.
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    same again.
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    Ditto. Most of my work comes from people driving by and referals. I only accept business in a very limited geographical area. Many forms of advertising would of be of no use to me. The growth is slow, but all of my work is clustered in a few developments with minimal drive time. Although if I want to expand into a certain neighborhood, I will mail out post cards just to that neighborhood. When I do pick up a new client in a different development that I do not currently service, I make the yard look perfect each and every time. I also talk to neighbors and let them know I am there in case they need my services. Neighbors see my work and how consistent I am, which will lead to more business. I will advertise on CL for brushmowing, not so much for mowing.
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    same again
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    The best way in my opinion to advertise your services is going door to door and talking with people face to face. As long as you are polite and dont knock on doors that have no soliciting signs then you will generally get good reception. Today i went door to door for 2 hours and landed 3 mulch jobs...a total revenue of $850
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    i've tried most everything. internet, facebook page, door to door, handing out business cards, fliers, signs, truck signage, etc....i only got maybe 1-2 customers from all of this. that's it.

    what has worked for me is a newspaper ad and word of mouth. the rest was a waste of time and money. i'm sure it depends on where you live and what works in your area.

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