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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TROTTMAN, May 17, 2004.


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    I am trying to think of some new ways to advertise.

    So far, I have put ads in the local paper and the thrifty nickel.

    I have also printed up about 800 flyers to put at peoples door mats or to slip in their door.

    I tried 2 things that I later found were illegal in the past. I put signs up on telephone posts and almost had to pay hundreds (almost up to a thousand) in fines, but the guy let me take them all my signs down (he was very kind to let me do this!!!) I also was putting them in mailboxes, which was quickly stopped. So then I got creative and started putting magnets on the flyers then sticking them to the outside of the mailbox. I found that this too is illegal. This was very frusterating since it seemed like a really good idea.

    Anyway, in the past going door to door with flyers and just dropping them off hasn't worked very well. Today I went door to door with flyers and knocked and talked with the people (its kind of a pain and can be stressful and uneasy with some people, but I think it should work much better). This is the first year I have made myself do this. Hopefully it will work out better.

    What other ways do y'all know of to advertise (can't be too expensive)?

    What about putting flyers and windsheilds at nice areas, you can put out a lot in a hurry this way, much faster than house to house. Thanks.
  2. precisioncut

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    Do good work, get referals. Letter your truck/trailer so people will know who you are.
  3. BCSteel

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    Put yer name on your vehicle and make sure that you are working from 4pm-6pm. Thats when most people are coming home from work and will see you out there.
  4. MJD75

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    Don't get too creative. I think some advertising such as car windows and things hanging from my mailbox might annoy people more than anything, I know it would me.

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah I don't want to annoy anyone, thats for sure. It might kinda defeat the purpose of advertising haha. I will have my name/number on my trailer (I had the magnetic signs on my truck but it messed up the paint really bad - pretty upset because it is a nice sport truck). Other than that, any other advertising ideas?

    I had also thought about checking with the pizza companies, seeing if I could cut some kind of a deal to put a flyer on the boxes if I payed something.
  6. Elwood #8

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    Direct mail. Write a very professional letter and send them out.

    Postcards, same deal. You have to give them some reason to call you. A special, free coupon book with a signed contract, some reason to call!

    Lettering is good, as mentioned above. Get a logo, if you don't have one and brand it everywhere!

    Join local associations. Lions club, rotary, whatever. Network with people in these clubs, you will get more business. Also, at a club event, wear a company shirt. People will notice. In the end, you are also doing something good for the community!
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    You could always get some door hangers printed up and hang them. That shouldn't be a problem.

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    Team Gopher...

    I have done door flyers for years now. They have about a 1/250 job rate. I think most people throw them away. I have had a little better luck with them this year by making them more personal and mentioning that I am a college student. They only cost me one cent per flyer (Kinko's charges 8 cents a copy and I make 8 flyers per sheet). They look very professional and I put them inbetween the door and the door seal so they fall and catch attention when they open the door.

    So yes I use them, but I have generally been disapointed with the results...


    Thanks for the help y'all...

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