How do you attach wire and fixtures to living surfaces?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Tomwilllight, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I use the Arrow T59 Staple gun and the appropriate Stainless Steel T59 Staples.

    On large mature trees I have found that the staples seem to grow out with the bark and the tree's do not need re-wiring (ever?). I have hundreds and hundreds of mature trees with wires in them attched this way, some done 8 years ago and I have never had to re-wire them.

    On small, young, immature trees things are a bit different and you will have to return to re-staple the tree on a bi-annual basis or so. Fast growing species like immature poplar might require annual re-stapling.

    I have seen many different methods of attaching wire to trees and the T59 SS staple is the neatest, cleanest, most effective and efficient system I have come across.
  2. Mark B

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    I have seen the zip tie with the hole on the end. I just have never thought about attaching the zip tie to a screw. I have used a long stapel in the past. I would just put the stapel in just enough to hold the wire. I might make a trip to fastenal to see what they have.

    I have had homeowners tell me just leave the wire hanging. I also think doing that has helped keep the squirrels from chewing the plastic off the wire.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    Til little joey gets his head caught up in the wire.

    I never liked the idea of staples in the tree. It keeps the wire too tight against the tree but im sure it has something to do with the different species. That staple gun would never work in our thick pine bark
  4. worx

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    I also think doing that has helped keep the squirrels from chewing the plastic off the wire.

    I don't mean to hi-jack this thread but does anyone have trouble with squirrels damaging there exposed wires?
  5. Tomwilllight

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    Does anybody have problems with running Low Volt wire up a tree without any protection? Do any of you have local code issues or damage problems like the squirrels above?

    I once had to run the LV wire in sleeves up to the branches after repeated repairs; the owner's Shelties kept chewing the wire. I finally realized that they enjoyed the buzz the current gave them.

    No offense to dogs or their owners - may Dad was a Veterinarian - but I do think Shelties are a particularly... odd breed.

    Thanks again, Tom
  6. Lite4

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    I do all the same attatchments as above with the zip tie and stainless screw, but I also run my home run wire in flexible 1/2" copper tubing on the lower (more visible) part of the tree, usually up to the first or second branch structure and then just let the cable go from there on it's own without the copper. I have found that I don't have kids (or dogs) messing with the wire when it is protected and the copper will patina and match the bark of the tree in a couple of months making it more difficult to locate when standing off a distance and looking at it.
  7. Tomwilllight

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    Very cool idea! Thanks for the input Tim.

  8. S&MLL

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    Tim do you have pictures of that. I think that sound like a great idea. At least once it tarnishes
  9. JoeyD

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    Becareful when doing this on projects that have to pass inspection. They will not allow you to use copper pipe as a conduit.

    We use this trick fromt iem to time on walls as well. It does work very well, especially on homes that have copper fixtures and rain gutters.
  10. Tomwilllight

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    How do those of you who work in Palm Tree territory attach wire and fixtures? I did several jobs in Palm Beach some years ago and ran into problems with wind load requirements. I never did get that problem worked out well enough to be comfortable.

    I was told that "tree-straps" were the only way to mount on Palms... True or not?


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