How do you bid different type jobs?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by speedyvision917, Jun 7, 2005.

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    In other words how do you bid mulching jobs, lawn mowing, seed or fertilizer, rock walls, and any other types of jobs you get. Do you do hourly for each or mostly set rates? How do you determine which will be better for you? Basically i was hoping i could get some of the more experianced guys to input on how to bid jobs accordingly so that some of us "new guys" to the business have a better idea on how to not get ripped off or how to not ripp people off. This way there wont be as many posts asking "how much for this" or "does this sound right" If the post is succesful maybe one of the admin/mods could make it a sticky?
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    Hate to tell you this, but you are going to get "ripped off", as you put it. It's just part of learning. For mowing, need to learn the market value. If it's large, then figure what how long it will take and multiply what you need per hour. To do this you will need to figure what it's costing you per hour. For jobs like overseeding, aeration and chem apps, I base cost on square footage. Aeration could swing both ways, square footage or market value. Don't forget to have some minimums set in place also. Don't forget to factor in details, like gated lawns or sidewalk edges that have soil layered over the edge 6" (I hate this one the worst). People rates will vary by region and market, so one post of pricing structure for you might be way different for me.....see what I am talking about?

    One of the largest questions, and you will see what I am talking about in the fall, is the cost of leaf removals. It's a job that you can very easily get burned on. Personally, I do not give a solid estimate for the service. Either the client tell me to do it, I clock my hours (minutes actually) and charge accordingly. Others I will explain that it's too difficult to know how long it will take or how much I am going to charge. I usually give them a price range and go from there. Last year I explained all this to a client and told them I could do it for $250-$300. They said it was too much and could I stop once I got to the $150 mark and they would evaluate from there. I said no problem. Well, it ended up only cost them around $ estimate was way off, but at least I did not get burned. I received what I needed and they spent less that they thought they would have....both parties were happy.
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    Yeah speedy, your right, all the newbie could benefit from this post. I would also be very interested on the posts and i plan to come back and check this every day. We are doing a landscaping job and are charging by the hour but i debateda set cost. Our first job we put in a pavestone wall that was pretty tricky, supplied all the tools and everything for only 130. I am not a lowballer but we got ripped off. I would love the input also to prevent this from happening to others just starting out and for me. Cool :blob3:
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    Walker Talker, thanks for finally replying, i didnt think anyone was going too. I no that everyones pricing will be different but i was interested to see how you price things out, like you explained. Any information on how to bid all types of jobs is basically what im looking for. That way I wont go bid a job hourly when i should have done it buy the size or materials etc. Just figured this would be a good way to help out the new guys and maybe even the more experianced guys, not as popular as i thought...Oh well keep the posts coming

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