How do you bid your jobs? By the hour or flat rate.

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by NH Rockstar Gardens, Sep 13, 2019.

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    I am a one man operation. This is my second year in business, and this year I have really taken off. However, I under quoted myself heavily this year and have realized at the rate I'm going I will go no where growth wise.

    Right now I charge $25 an hour. Super low, I know! But I wanted to get my name out there quickly and establish good clientele and achieve word of mouth.

    I don't have fancy equipment. I have a truck, hand tools, and a blower. I specialize in landscape design and installation and cleanups.

    I need guidance on how I can change my pricing for next season. I wantmy business to grow. I want to buy more equipment and be able to,hire a crew and with my pricing Right now that will never happen.

    For those that price by the job- how do you deacribe the work/pricing on the estimates. Attached is a photo of what my estimates look like now. How do you get away with doing a 2-3 hour job and charging the client a good,chunk of money without them questioning the cost.

    For those that price hourly- why do you choose this method over flat rate. Did you start out at a lower rate like me and slowly inflate over time. If so, what was your experience like. If you didn't what advice can you give to me? I feel if I inflate my prices I have to do it gradually now rather than drastically
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    Charge by man hour to complete the project. Say it takes two people 10 hours that’s a 20 hour job. But that’s not it. You need to up charge for materials and I also charge for equipment per day.
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    NY, Long island Here.

    My brother and I are the owners and workers.

    Our Labor rate is $120.00/Hr. And can go up depending on what we are doing.

    Do not sell yourself short. Its hard work. Once you show everyone you are pricing low you will be taken advantage of.

    Learn to say NO, everyone wants something for nothing. Know your value!!!
  5. OP
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    120 per person? Or with you and your brother combined.

    Thanks for the reply
    Best of luck to the both of you!
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    $60.00 Each
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    Are you getting plants wholesale and charging retail?
    A good bit of money is made there doing nothing but picking them up.
    Then charge to plant them.
    You can double or more the price of the stone delivered and installed.
    A lot more could be charged for that job.
    I prefer to price the job and not have to explain why I charge so much per hour. I can then also take as many breaks as I want and not have the customer watching his watch.
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    Don’t ever price the material out ever!! Those plants and stuff if you put the quantity and name your price on it don’t say
    Plants x7 at $35 a plant equals price
    Say plant x7, price
    You mark up materials and make a good amount of money that way
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    are you only worth $25 dollars a hour? what kind of experience and education do you have with your specialty?you may be a shitty bussiness man but a unbelievable plantsman or vice versa.
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    For the future black out the customers name if you post anything on the net, I wouldn't want my name and address out there - just sayin'

    many, many threads here on pricing, bidding, figuring cost etc..

    I am a solo op, mostly mow, trim, edge and blow. I also do small landscape work, clean ups, trimming, pruning, mulch. trying to shift my clients to "Full Service" with no 10 day or bi-weekly options available ( I have a couple)

    I live in western NY, not a hotbed of financial prosperity. But I have pushed my rates up and have most at 60 to 80 an hour. Some are a bit less but some things I charge more for.
    I rarely ever give an hourly rate, almost always price by the job.

    But yes you need to up your rate a lot and less detail breakdown in the invoice - my opinion

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