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how do you bid


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Corunna Mi
How do you bid comerical accounts? what is the best way to figure out the cost what do u need to consider. any advice would be greatly apreicated.
thanks alex
don't mind my spelling


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northwest ohio
wait till your a legal adult.... no real commercial property is going to take your bid, your not old enogh to sign a contract.....

The Turf Pro

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Ooltewah, TN
I don't have all the answers but bid an account on what you feel it's worth for you to do it. Of course if you can find out what they are now paying makes it real easy.


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you can go to your local township and see what the bids did last year...go a little higher than that if it will be worth the time you are spending there...like take a your hourly price times it by how many hours it will take you and bingo you go it...well thats how i bid my comercial kinda like i bid my plowing but im not sure if thats good i plowed b4 i landcaped so i did what i knew...others might say different jst MHO