how do you block off your jobs?

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by kwegman003, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I was just wondering what the rest of you do to block off your driveways after completion. This is my main way of spreading my name around, and I want to step it up this year.

    In the past, I have been using short wood stakes and hanging a black and white sign from them. They are low to the ground, and the black and white attracts little attention except from people aware enough to stop and look. The positive side of my setup was that it only cast me around $.80 a drive.

    This year I was thinking about using taller stakes(need to find some that wont snap when the ground is dry) and a larger sign. Is a larger color sign worth the investment? I think that my new system will end up costing me around $4-5 a driveway. I hope to be able to recollect some of the supplies and re-use them to lower costs.

    Any advice? I am in college and this business has been a great learning experience for me, now I want it to make me more money to sock into a 401k.
  2. kwegman003

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    season is closing In and I dont know if $2.30 is a ripoff per 4ft reebar!
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    I use sandwich boards with handles cut into the side so that I can tie off caution tape. It has the company logo and then the phone number in 6" letters, that way people can see it while they drive by. I'm sure they can figure it out what work was done....LOL. The down fall is, I have to go and pick them up again a day later. But it also gives you a chance to run into the owner again, gives you a chance to make sure the customer is happy with the job. If the job is too far away stick to using the wodden post....Good luck

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