how do you charge for clean ups?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SOS Landscaping, May 16, 2008.

  1. SOS Landscaping

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    Getting a lot of request for cleans up and basically I have been going by the 60bux an hour most people on here seem to be shooting for. Today I got asked for a major spring clean up, removing old mulch, bring in a bunch of yards of new mulch, removing weeds, and trimming up and shaping a ton of trees. They guy told me it took 2 people a day and a half last year so he said if it takes me 2 days thats fine should I be charging him by the hour or how would you work it? Most of my services like mulch I have just been doubling the sale price and making it the applied price, so if a yard of mulch is 30 bux then I do 60 applied.
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    SOS will you be doing all the work by yourself ? or do have a helper. $60 bucks a yard is to cheap. $75-$85 bucks a yard installed. Pulling weeds and removing old mulch,means more time. Which means More Money ! The $60 bucks an hour is a General rule of thumb we like to make per hour. Some Guys are lower,some are higher. Depends on your Cost to operate your Business,your OVERHEAD ! Two days work is alot for 1 Guy, about 18 man Hours. How much mulch you putting down ?
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    I charge hourly for all cleanups because I have underbid too many times. Sounds like if it took 2 men a day and a half it should take you 3 days give or take. That is if the 2 guys were really working and not screwing around. it hourly to cover yourself.
  4. cliseno

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    i do $70 an hr for clean ups thats with me and a helper and i charge $50 a yard for mulch installed i pay $10 a yard for most mulch hope that was a help
  5. SOS Landscaping

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    i will have my regular guy with me, depending on how it goes Ill bring in another guy. I got one small clean up on monday which is about 4 hours of work and 3 yards of mulch told him $300 bux for the day, wanted to go a little higher but I thought 300 sounded a little scary for such small amounts of work. I figured 2 hours of actual clean up at 60bux an hour is 120 and 3yards of mulch applied would be 180 so that brings me to 300 bux. The 2 dayer we havent decided on a day yet, Im going there in sunday morning with my guy who I let handle the tree work. I know this guy told me to order 5 yards of mulch, so I guess I should be charging him about 80 a yard applied? Maybe for this one job since I already told him I do 60 an hour for actual clean up Im going to have to bite the bullet on this one job and live and learn for the next, but Ill try and make up for it on the mulch and maybe ill charge him 85 applied?

    Cliseno where are you getting your mulch that cheap? Cheapest I found and what everyone recommended me to was Lumper Super Mart on rt 35 in hazlet which was 30 bux a yard
  6. cliseno

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    lumber super mart is the most expesive my dad works for j. manzo on 34 so i get my natural and brown mulch there, there prices are good try looking into it they have price list you can get they dont have black or red but i dont use much of that so if you wanna make up for the price you gave on that job look into getting mulch there its worth the little ride to save some money
    just wanted to know if you are ever looking for workers i am looking for some work i do some side jobs on my own once in a while but i just quit the job i had working for lauro landscaping in matawan i can operate most mowers i can weedwack edge do cleanups mulch ,small paver jobs, walls ,stone, planting ,i am looking for 11 or 12 an hr or if you know anyone looking to hire someone let me know my cell number is 7329790022 my name is carmen i will take any work i dont drive i have ran crews for other companies and can defenitly get the job done i was doing 30- 40 cuts a day and 3-4 nice size cleanups i can def. use any work thanks and let me know if anything comes up
  7. Acswaupaca1

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    Hourly, Hourly, Hourly. Every thing I do is hourly + supplies/materials. Its easy and works out in the long run. Yes...even when the grass is slow
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    You really have to sharpen your listning skills when it comes to clean ups....

    People will pay about what ever you want....

    In some cases " depending on what all we do" we charge 1500.00 a day.

    that's a 5 man crew, stump grinders, and multching machine.
  9. SOS Landscaping

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    ok well just left one of the potential clean up clients with my tree guy. There is a TON of trees to shape, cut, clean up. Tree guy gave me a price of 1,500 with a real small amount of money for me built in for subbing him in. Job will take him a day to do front and back. Now Im planning on working as soon as he gets done with the front which would only take him 2-3 hours. I told the guy I would be there for 1.5-2days which he said was fine and this was at the 60 an hour mark for the clean up. So should I charge him 16 hours at 60 bux =960 and then also charge him $80 per yard applied for mulch and he needs 5.5yards so thats another 440, so that brings my personal works bill to 1400 plus the tree cutting at 1500 so a total of 2900 for the total job??

    I thought of just letting the tree guys work a day themselves and then ill come the next day to clean up. But I know these trees have not been trimmed or shapped since last year and 2 day laborers could have not shapped the trees the way he wanted espeically in 1.5 days. So in reality it should be 1 day of trees and 2 of clean up in my book. But if I can clean the front up and do the mulch while he is in the back and then I can come the 2nd day to clean the back it will look better then dragging this out over 3 days.
    Plus the guy keeps telling me he needs it done ASAP, it needs to be done, needs to be done. So it seems like hell pay basically anything, but he is very picky and wants the job done right and perfect the first time around.
    Sorry if that is a lot of reading and questions

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