How do you clean up apples, walnuts..and so on

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by michmoldman, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. michmoldman

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    Hey all! I am not trying to sell anything, but I have a question for you all. I invented something about 7 yrs. ago that I use all the time to rake my apples in my yard before I mow. It used to take forever to rake my apples, but now only takes a few minutes. I can also use this on pinecones, walnuts, rocks...whatever. My question is what does everyone here use to clean this stuff from yards, if at all? I am thinking of putting my product into production, but thought I would get some feedback first.
  2. deerewashed

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    got a pick.....i have 4 properties with 4 or more apple trees....damn things piss me off and i get stung at least three times trying to clean them up....bees love dem apples......i wish they could carry them...haha. so pics please
  3. michmoldman

    michmoldman LawnSite Member
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    Here is a pic. I know its hard to tell about something until you use it, but like I said, I have used mine for about 7 years. I was a welder for 13 years, and thought it up and welded it myself. Everyone I let use it...loves it! I made it from aluminum, with the handle just bolted screw in crap! This one is about 24" wide, but I have another that is 30" wide and is even faster at raking! I am in the process of writing my own patent. Oh, and one great thing about this is it rakes up rotten apples too!
  4. TylerJohnLandscaping

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    maybe a better pic would help us see how it works right now it just kind of looks like a snow shovel
  5. AOD

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    It kind of looks like a modified roof snow rake. Looks like it'd work pretty well to make piles, then clam them up with a FEL and to a dump truck.

    A turf sweeper might also work, but those things are more trouble than their worth, a big, overcomplicated money pit.
  6. michmoldman

    michmoldman LawnSite Member
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    Yes I know it doesnt show much. I will be making a short video of it raking apples, nuts, pinecones, rocks...whatever else I can find, then anyone interested could get a better idea. Its more of a "hands on" kinda tool. I show people, they arent too interested till they try it. I own a business in another field right now, but for years this little voice in my head has been telling me to try selling these, so I gotta do it. Truthfully, I couldnt imagine going without my rake come apple time.
  7. michmoldman

    michmoldman LawnSite Member
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    Yes they are very similar. I would imagine a snow rake is longer and wider...but they are similar. My first rake (which I still use) is 30" long, and I just duct-taped it to a handle before I thought up a way to attach them so they would be real sturdy. I still use it, and it is still duct taped.

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